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All Elements in No Mans Sky and Where to Find Them

All Elements in No Mans Sky and Where to Find Them

by Marc DuportAugust 17, 2016

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There are five groups of elements: Oxides, Isotopes, Silicates, Neutrals, and Precious elements. The following table contains all known (at this time) elements,this list does not contain alloys or other crafted products.

IconElementGroupRarityFoundUnit Value
No Mans Sky Iron (fe)Iron (Fe)OxideCommonCommonly found in rock formations & areas of geological interest, on planets and in space.13.8
No Mans Sky Sulphur (S)Sulfur (S)OxideCommonFound almost everywhere
No Mans Sky Heridium (Hr)Heridium (Hr)SilicateCommonFound mostly in caves. Highlighted on the map as a holographic cube after running a scan.17.5
No Mans Sky Carbon (C)Carbon (C)IsotopeCommonCarbon can be mined from most trees, plants, and other vegetation.6.9
No Mans Sky Copper (Cu)Copper (Cu)NeutralCommonFound in larger asteroids and in special floating rock like pillars on some planets110
No Mans Sky Zinc (Zn)Zinc (Zn)OxideUncommonFound in yellow flowering vegetation & in planetary flora41.3
No Mans Sky Platinum (Pt)Platinum (Pt)SilicateUncommonFound in or around blue vegetation during planetary exploration55
No Mans Sky Thamium9 (Th)Thamium9 (Th)IsotopeUncommonFound in red flowering vegetation and planetary flora, found abundantly in asteroids, making asteroid mining the most efficient way to gather Thamium920.6
No Mans Sky Nickel (Ni)Nickel (Ni)NeutralUncommonMostly found floating among the asteroids in space130
No Mans Sky Iridium (Ir)Iridium (Ir)NeutralUncommonIridium can be mined from planetary rocks, highlighted as holographic cubes after local scananning. It can also be mined from multi-pointed star shapped asteroids.96.3
Aronium (Ar)OxideRareNear outposts and form crafting1.546
No Mans Sky Titanium (Ti)Titanium (Ti)OxideRareCommonly found on hot planets. can also drop from destroyed Sentinels61.9
No Mans Sky Silicon (Si)Silicon (Si)SilicateRareFound in blue flora. The silicon is located in the top of the plant and removed when the silicate is harvested
No Mans Sky Chrysonite (Ch)Chrysonite (Ch)SilicateRareChrysonite can be mined from blue crystalline structures commonly found on cold planets or purchased from merchants.82.5
No Mans Sky Plutonium (Pu)Plutonium (Pu)IsotopeRarePlutonium can be found on planets as red crystal like looking structures, and often within planetary caves and underground networks41.3
No Man's Sky Gold (Au)Gold (Au)NeutralRareGold can be mined from planetary rocks. highlighted as holographic cubes after scananning.220
No Mans Sky Aluminium (Al)Aluminium (Al)NeutralRareCan be mined from rocks on low atmospheric planets as well as space chunks.165
No Mans Sky Emeril (Em)Emeril (Em)NeutralRareEmeril can be found on planets by feeding some fauna, as well as within some crystals and asteroids in space.275
No Mans Sky Lemmium (Le)Lemmium (Le)OxideVery RareCan be salvaged from destroyed pirate ships and planet chests.
Can be crafted from blueprints from 100 Titanium & 200 Plutonium
No Mans Sky Calium (Ca)Calium (Ca)PreciousVery Rarefound in many blob-like, round creatures. found on extremly toxic gas planets.288.8
No Mans Sky Murrine (Mu)Murrine (Mu)PreciousVery RareFound in plants and on moons in pillars of stacked golden balls. Can rarly be found by feeding Animals. Also found as a overly abundant resource on some planets300
No Mans Sky Murrine (Mu)Omegon (Om)PreciousVery RareMostly found on radioactive planets, does not appear on scanner.269
No Mans Sky Radnox (Ra)Radnox (Ra)PreciousVery RareFound in floating rock-like deposits on the surface of extreme planets. Some planets have floating creatures that deposit Radnox when destroyed. Mining Radnox will attract sentinels302.5



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Marc Duport
  • June 8, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Haha, shouldn't you be charging for that kind of kn?delwgeo!


    Haha, shouldn't you be charging for that kind of kn?delwgeo!

    Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of kn?delwgeo!

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