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All Halo 4 Terminal Locations

All Halo 4 Terminal Locations

by Marc DuportNovember 7, 2012

All Halo 4 Terminal Locations

You can do this on any difficulty
To view the terminal videos you will need to find the terminal in Halo 4 and then watch them on HaloWaypoint



Terminal 1: Requiem – Rally Point Bravo

Near the end of the mission, after defeating two Hunters (the large armored enemies), you’ll gain access to the tower. At the end of a long hall you’ll see a wide, semi-transparent ramp. Check underneath this ramp to find a terminal.

Terminal 2: Forerunner – Rally Point Alpha

Soon after taking out a group of Prometheans (just a few minutes into the mission, depending on difficulty), you’ll notice a large structure with rocky slopes on either side leading up to an entrance. At the very moment where Master Chief asks Cortana, “What’s that distortion?” in regard to his HUD, you should be facing the terminal, which is at ground level.

Terminal 3: Infinity – Rally Point Bravo

Immediately after the cutscene in which you meet up with a group of friendlies, simply turn around.

Terminal 4: Reclaimer – Rally Point Bravo

Exit the room in which you reclaim Cortana to find an elevator directly in front of you. Instead of immediately boarding it, look down the hall to your right to find a terminal.

Terminal 5: Shutdown – Rally Point Delta

After entering the production tower (third LZ for your Pelican) in an attempt to reach the Spire controls, Cortana will place a waypoint. Instead of turning right and heading for it, continue forward to the structure at the back of the large room. On the far side of said structure, you’ll find a terminal. If you’ve encountered the Hunters, you’ve gone too far and need to turn back.

Terminal 6: Composer – Rally Point Bravo

After the cutscene in which Master Chief meets with Dr. Tillson, head outside. You’ll see the Atrium in front of you. Head directly for the area below the “Atrium” building printing on the right side to find a terminal between the jagged rocks.

Terminal 7: Midnight – Rally Point Bravo

Once you’re on the ‘ground,’ you’ll proceed through a series of rooms. In the third room, behind the central pillar, is a terminal.

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