Battlefield 4 Final Stand Assignments and Unlock Rewards


Battlefield 4 Final Stand Assignments and Unlock Rewards


BF4 DS-3 GadgetDS-3 Decoy
Get 3 melee kills
Affect 10 enemies with M84 Flashbangs
BF4 TDD AttachmentTDD Attachment
Eye Spy
Get 2 spotting ribbons
Get 20 DMR or Carbine kills
Mechanized Mayhem
Get 25 kills with the Schipunov 42
Spend 5 minutes in the air with the Launch Pod
Recoil Kinetics
Play 10 hours of Final Stands
Win 10 rounds on Operation Whiteout
Win 10 rounds on Hammerhead
Win 10 rounds on Hangar 21
Win 10 rounds on Giants of Karelia
XD-1 Deathbringer
Get 30 kills with the XD-1 Accipiter
Travel 3km in the XD-1 Accipiter
Snowmobile Slayer
Get 5 minutes of air time in the Snowmobile
Get 10 Roadkills with the Snowmobile
Hover Tank Harbinger
Spend 10 minutes in the HT-95 Levkov
Destroy 15 vehicles in the HT-95 Levkov
Railgun Rampage
Destroy 10 vehicles with the Rorsch Mk-1
Get 25 kills with the Rorsch Mk-1
Ultimate Assault Dog Tag
Ultimate Assault
Get 200 kills with Assault Rifles
Get 50 kills with gadget Grenade Launchers
Perform 100 heals
Revive 50 allies
Kill 10 enemies with the Defibrillator
Ultimate Engineer
Get 200 kills with PDWs
Get 100 kills with Rocket Launchers
Destroy 50 Vehicles with Rocket Launchers
Destroy 50 Vehicles with Mines
Perform 100 repairs
Ultimate Support
Get 200 kills with LMGs
Get 50 XM25 kills
Get 50 kills with C4 or Claymores
Get 50 kills with Mortar or UCAV
Perform 100 resupplies
Ultimate Recon
Get 200 kills with Sniper Rifles
Get 50 kills with C4 or Claymores
Spot 100 targets with the MAV or SUAV
Paint 25 vehicles
Ultimate Commander
Get 100 Scan Assists
Get 100 Emp Assists
Promote 75 Squads
Get 50 Ammo Drops used
Get 25 Vehicle Drops used



Final Stand Equipment Details



DS-3 Gadget

An experimental device designed to hack the enemy communication network. Once active, the DS-3 will report a false positive infantry signal on the opposing team’s minimap.



TDD Attachment

A prototype device created using parts from the MTN-55 and T-UGS. While active it will detect enemy movement within a narrow cone in front of you and report it to your team’s minimap


Battlefield 4 C100 Bipod Knife

C100 Knife Bipod

Your very own bipod knife, no bucket required. Rumored to be the favorite weapon of the greatest soldier on the battlefield.




A heavy tanto style blade. The angled tip excels at puncturing hard targets. Use it to steal dog tags from your enemy.


Battlefield 4 Weaver Knife


Forged using experimental 3D weave technology. Use it to steal an opponent’s dog tags.



HT-95 Hover Tank

Uses stacked charge technology to fire multiple rounds.SC-42 Snowmobile.




An experimental combat drone. Use to spot and engage light targets from the air. This device will self-destruct when it runs out of fuel to prevent recovery by the enemy.




For safe handling of this experimental weapon it does not actively store its full charge. Once engaged, it takes a second to build up energy before discharging a heavy sabot round at extreme velocity. The operator must manually track moving targets during this charge time.




Phantom Program Final Test


Battlefield 4 Phantom Bow

Phantom Compound Bow

The signature weapon of Phantom Program soldiers given to members who have completed their initiation. It’s short effective range shouldn’t pose a problem for a true Phantom Operative.



BF4 Phantom Master Dog Tag

Phantom Compound Bow

500 Kills with Compound Bow



Link to every available weapon in Battlefield 4 here


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