Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Camos with Video

Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Camos with Video

Lets run through the available weapon camos in Cod Ghosts and how to achieve them, there seems to be 16 available camos for each weapon.
Check out the list and movie (credit to Jshm1910) showing each design.

Not yet confirmed but the requirements are the same every weapon.

Snow  – Get 75 kills
Brush  – Get 150 kills while crouched
Trail – Get 35 kills just after reloading
Woodland – Get 15 kills just after sliding    
Autumn     – Get 35 Assists
Crocodile  – Get 40 long shot kills
Ocean  – Get 20 rescue kills
Caustic – Get 3 kills without dying, 25 times
Green  – Get 40 point blank kills
Net – Get 500 kills
Red – Get 150 with no weapon attachments
Scale  – Get 100 kills while leaning
Gold – Unlock all other camos
Kiss of Death – Get your clan to level 23
Body Count – Win a clan war in gold division or above
Ice – Unlocked with season pack
POW (Pre-Order Exclusive)     
Digital (Unknown)


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