Destiny All The Taken King Weapons, Armor and Ships

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Destiny The Taken King Logo
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Primary Weapons

Doctrine of Passing (Adept)Auto Rifle31037Trials of Osiris Flawless
The Water Star (Adept)Hand Cannon31037Trials of Osiris Flawless
Reflection Sum (Adept)Pulse Rifle31037Trials of Osiris Flawless
The Inward Lamp (Adept)Scout Rifle31037Trials of Osiris Flawless
Touch of MaliceScout Rifle31037Eris Quest
Black SpindleSniper Rifle290/31034/37Oceans of Storm- Lost to Light Story Mission on Hard
Red SpectreAuto Rifle29034Crucible Reward
Does Not BowAuto Rifle29034Strike Reward
The RevelatorHand Cannon29034Crucible Reward
The First CurseHand Cannon29034Imprecation Gunsmith Quest Reward (Rank 5)
Imago LoopHand Cannon29034Strike Reward
EyaslunaHand Cannon29034Crucible Reward
Spare Change.25Pulse Rifle29034Crucible Reward
Grasp of MalokPulse Rifle29034Strike Reward
Treads Upon StarsScout Rifle29034Strike Reward
NL Shadow 701XScout Rifle29034Crucible Reward
Boolean GeminiScout Rifle29034Petra Vanj Lost and Found Quest Reward
Zhalo SupercellAuto Rifle28033Xur
Zarinaea-DAuto Rifle28033Armsday Order
The DealbreakerAuto Rifle28033Crucible Quartermaster
SUROS RegimeAuto Rifle28033Xur
SUROS ARI-45Auto Rifle28033Armsday Order
SUROS ARI-41Auto Rifle28033Armsday Order
Righteous VIIAuto Rifle28033New Monarchy
Questing BeastAuto Rifle28033Vanguard Quartermaster
Paleocontact JPK-43Auto Rifle28033Dead Orbit
Monte CarloAuto Rifle28033Xur
Haakon’s HatchetAuto Rifle28033Iron Banner
Fabian StrategyAuto Rifle28033Gunsmith Quest Reward (At Rank 3) (Titan Only)
Doctrine of PassingAuto Rifle28033Trials of Osiris
Arminius-DAuto Rifle28033Armsday Order
Antipodal HindsightAuto Rifle28033Crucible Quartermaster
An Answering ChordAuto Rifle28033Vanguard Quartermaster
Uffern HC4Hand Cannon28033Armsday Order
The Water StarHand Cannon28033Trials of Osiris
The VanityHand Cannon28033Future War Cult
The Last WordHand Cannon28033Xur
Kumakatok HC4Hand Cannon28033Armsday Order
Judith-DHand Cannon28033Armsday Order
HawkmoonHand Cannon28033Xur
Gaheris-DHand Cannon28033Armsday Order
Finnala’s PerilHand Cannon28033Iron Banner
Down and Doubt 00-0Hand Cannon28033Vanguard Quartermaster
Byronic HeroHand Cannon28033Crucible Quartermaster
Appellant IIIHand Cannon28033New Monarchy
Ace of SpadesHand Cannon28033Gunsmith Quest Reward (At Rank 3) (Hunter Only)
The VillainyPulse Rifle28033Future War Cult
SUROS PDX-45Pulse Rifle28033Armsday Order
SUROS PDX-41Pulse Rifle28033Armsday Order
Reflection SumPulse Rifle28033Trials of Osiris
Nirwen’s MercyPulse Rifle28033Iron Banner
Lyudmila-DPulse Rifle28033Armsday Order
Herja-DPulse Rifle28033Armsday Order
HawksawPulse Rifle28033Crucible Quartermaster
Apple of DiscordPulse Rifle28033Vanguard Quartermaster
Tuonela SR4Scout Rifle28033Armsday Order
TlalocScout Rifle28033Gunsmith Quest Reward (At Rank 3) (Warlock Only)
The Jade RabbitScout Rifle28033Legendary Primary Weapon Engram
The Inward LampScout Rifle28033Trials of Osiris
SUROS DIS-47Scout Rifle28033Armsday Order
SUROS DIS-43Scout Rifle28033Armsday Order
Not Like the OthersScout Rifle28033Vanguard Quartermaster
Last ExtremityScout Rifle28033Crucible Quartermaster
Hung Jury SR4Scout Rifle28033Dead Orbit
Colovance’s DutyScout Rifle28033Iron Banner
Cocytus SR4Scout Rifle28033Armsday Order
Psi Alto IIIPulse Rifle22026Quest Reward
Trax Onus IIIScout Rifle22026Quest Reward
Frontier-AR1Auto Rifle19223Armsday Order
Mos Scala IHand Cannon19223Gunsmith
SUROS MIN-15Pulse Rifle19223Gunsmith
Shinigami SR1Scout Rifle19223Gunsmith
SUROS PRR-11Auto Rifle16019Vanguard Quartermaster
Longespée-AAuto Rifle16019Armsday Order
SUROS BNS-13Pulse Rifle16019Vanguard Quartermaster
Hotspur-APulse Rifle16019Vanguard Quartermaster
SUROS WSC-17Scout Rifle16019Vanguard Quartermaster
SUROS SCO-43Scout Rifle8510Quest Reward
SUROS TYR-14Auto Rifle374Quest Reward
Quagmire-AR1Auto Rifle374Quest Reward
Mos Calamus IHand Cannon374Quest Reward
Azurduy-AHand Cannon374Quest Reward
Raskova-APulse Rifle374Quest Reward
Antapex MScPulse Rifle374Quest Reward
SUROS BVV-13Scout Rifle374Quest Reward
Garmr SR1Scout Rifle374Quest Reward
Veldt-AR3Auto Rifle00
SUROS WER-45Auto Rifle00
SUROS ARN-39Auto Rifle00
SUROS ARN-33Auto Rifle00
Steppe-AR3Auto Rifle00
Ros Neve IVAuto Rifle00
Morass-AR4Auto Rifle00
Izdubar-DAuto Rifle00
Harrowed Anguish of DrystanAuto Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Vortimer-DHand Cannon00
Threnody HC4Hand Cannon00
Rience-DHand Cannon00
Mos Morsus IIIHand Cannon00
Mos Azoth IVHand Cannon00
Mos Aria IIIHand Cannon00
Kaifeng-HC3Hand Cannon00
Harrowed Zaouli’s BaneHand Cannon00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Cordova-HC3Hand Cannon00
Temporal MSmPulse Rifle00
SUROS PRI-44Pulse Rifle00
Psi Lento IIIPulse Rifle00
Psi Alba IVPulse Rifle00
Occulate MScPulse Rifle00
Moriaen-DPulse Rifle00
Harrowed Smite of MerainPulse Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot
Anomie MSmPulse Rifle00
Trax Elan IVScout Rifle00
Trax Devotio IIIScout Rifle00
Radial PSmScout Rifle00
Parallax PSmScout Rifle00
Orphne SR4Scout Rifle00
Lampad SR4Scout Rifle00
Harrowed Doom of ChelchisScout Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Doom of ChelchisScout Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot

Special Weapons

Long Far GoneFusion Rifle30036Quest Reward
Conspiracy Theory-DShotgun30036Quest Reward
Darkblade’s SpiteFusion Rifle29034Strike Reward
Split Shifter ProFusion Rifle29034Crucible Reward
In Times of NeedShotgun29034Crucible Reward
Party Crasher +1Shotgun29034Crucible Reward
The ChaperoneShotgun29034Quest Reward
Ashraven’s FlightFusion Rifle28033Iron Banner
Elevating VisionFusion Rifle28033Trials of Osiris Reward
Hitchhiker FR4Fusion Rifle28033Dead Orbit
Panta RheiFusion Rifle28033Crucible Quartermaster
SusanooFusion Rifle28033Gunsmith Quest Reward (At Rank ?) (Warlock Only)
TelestoFusion Rifle28033Xur
The VacancyFusion Rifle28033Future War Cult
The VortexFusion Rifle28033Future War Cult
Thesan FR4Fusion Rifle28033Armsday Order
Binary DawnShotgun28033Trials of Osiris Reward
Burden of Proof XIShotgun28033New Monarchy
Deidris’s RetortShotgun28033Iron Banner
ImmobiusShotgun28033Gunsmith Quest Reward (At Rank ?) (Titan Only)
Jingukogo-DShotgun28033Armsday Order
Patch-AShotgun28033Dead Orbit
Strongbow-DShotgun28033Armsday Order
The 4th HorsemanShotgun28033Xur
The Next Big ThingShotgun28033Crucible Quartermaster
Conviction IISidearm28033New Monarchy
Havoc PigeonSidearm28033Crucible Quartermaster
Ironwreath-DSidearm28033Iron Banner
JabberHäkke-DSidearm28033Vanguard Quartermaster Quest
1000-Yard StareSniper Rifle28033Vanguard Quartermaster Quest
Antinomy XVISniper Rifle28033New Monarchy
Aoife Rua-DSniper Rifle28033Armsday Order
Eirene RR4Sniper Rifle28033Armsday Order
Extrasolar RR4Sniper Rifle28033Dead Orbit
Glass PromontorySniper Rifle28033Trials of Osiris Reward
HereafterSniper Rifle28033Xur
StillpiercerSniper Rifle28033Gunsmith Quest Reward (At Rank ?) (Hunter Only)
Tamar-DSniper Rifle28033Armsday Order
Tao Hua YuanSniper Rifle28033Crucible Quartermaster
Uzume RR4Sniper Rifle28033Armsday Order
Weyloran’s MarchSniper Rifle28033Iron Banner
Penthesilea-CSidearm24028Quest Reward
Nox Praeli IIIFusion Rifle20024Quest Reward
Baryonic ESmShotgun20024Quest Reward
Nox Umber IFusion Rifle19223Gunsmith Quest Reward
Antimuon EScShotgun19223Gunsmith Quest Reward
Ascalon-LR1Sniper Rifle19223Gunsmith Quest Reward
Hawkwood-ASidearm16019Vanguard Quartermaster
Chandragupta-ASniper Rifle374Quest Reward
Badlands-FR4Fusion Rifle00
Caldera-FR1Fusion Rifle00
Eosphoros FR4Fusion Rifle00
Harrowed Midha’s ReckoningFusion Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Heath-FR3Fusion Rifle00
Midha’s ReckoningFusion Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot
Nox Acror IVFusion Rifle00
Nox Astur IIIFusion Rifle00
Nox Crocia IFusion Rifle00
Nox Inergia IVFusion Rifle00
SK5 Type-NullFusion Rifle00
Tundra-FR3Fusion Rifle00
Arcana EScShotgun00
Cepheid ESmShotgun00
Ded Alia IIIShotgun00
Ded Hexia IVShotgun00
Ded Laurea IVShotgun00
Ded Regnum IIIShotgun00
Ded Venefici IShotgun00
Harrowed Silence of A’arnShotgun00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Silence of A’arnShotgun00King’s Fall Raid Loot
Defiance of YasminSniper Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot
Deianeira-DSniper Rifle00
Equiprobable LScSniper Rifle00
Eumolpias-SR3Sniper Rifle00
Harrowed Defiance of YasminSniper Rifle00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Luna Chiral IIISniper Rifle00
Luna Phasar IIISniper Rifle00
Luna Vallar IVSniper Rifle00
Matuta RR4Sniper Rifle00
Neutrino LSmSniper Rifle00
SUROS JLL-19Sniper Rifle00

Heavy Weapons

Bolt-CasterSword31037Lord Shaxx Quest Reward Once Arc Edge Sword is Maxed 280+ Attack
Dark-Drinker Sword31037Lord Shaxx Quest Reward Once Sol Edge Sword is Maxed 280+ Attack
Raze-Lighter Sword31037Lord Shaxx Quest Reward Once Void Edge Sword is Maxed 280+ Attack
Baron’s AmbitionMachine Gun29034Strike Reward
The Ash FactoryRocket Launcher29034Crucible Reward
ThunderlordMachine Gun28033Xur
The VariableMachine Gun28033Future War Cult
The Unseeing EyeMachine Gun28033Trials of Osiris Reward
Objection IVMachine Gun28033New Monarchy
Ruin WakeMachine Gun28033Crucible Quartermaster
Bretomart’s StandMachine Gun28033Iron Banner
Diluvian 10/4xMachine Gun28033Vanguard Quartermaster Quest
TruthRocket Launcher28033Xur
Tormod’s BellowsRocket Launcher28033Iron Banner
The SmolderRocket Launcher28033Crucible Quartermaster
Ceres Lost BMJ-46Rocket Launcher28033Dead Orbit
SUROS JLB-42Rocket Launcher28033Armsday Order
Choleric Dragon SRT-49Rocket Launcher28033Vanguard Quartrmaster
The TamarindRocket Launcher28033Trials of Osiris
The VertigoRocket Launcher28033Future War Cult
SUROS JLB-47Rocket Launcher28033Armsday Order
Arc Edge Sword22026Quest After Completing TTK Story and Dreadnaught Patrol
Sol Edge Sword22026Quest After Completing TTK Story and Dreadnaught Patrol
Void Edge Sword22026Quest After Completing TTK Story and Dreadnaught Patrol
Maria-MG3Machine Gun20024Quest Reward
Oligarch SA/3Rocket Launcher20024Quest Reward
Qua Roris IMachine Gun19223Gunsmith Quest Reward
Seneschal RS/1Rocket Launcher19223Gunsmith Quest Reward
Marquise RS/1Rocket Launcher576Gunsmith Quest Reward
Harrowed Qullim’s TerminusMachine Gun00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Qullim’s TerminusMachine Gun00King’s Fall Raid Loot
Lacustrine-MG4Machine Gun00
Aether CSmMachine Gun00
Nihilist CScMachine Gun00
Karst-MG4Machine Gun00
Rift Valley-MG3Machine Gun00
Lunation CScMachine Gun00
Phenomena CSmMachine Gun00
Planetary CScMachine Gun00
Qua Brecan IMachine Gun00
Elulim’s FrenzyRocket Launcher00King’s Fall Raid Loot
Harrowed Elulim’s FrenzyRocket Launcher00King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Crown Princess SA/3Rocket Launcher00
Dowager SA/3Rocket Launcher00
Dauphine SA/4Rocket Launcher00
Crown Prince SA/3Rocket Launcher00
SUROS BWN-48Rocket Launcher00
Queen Mother SA/4Rocket Launcher00
Minstrel RA/4Rocket Launcher00
Dauphin RS/1Rocket Launcher00

Hunter Helmets

ATS/8 ARACHNIDHelmet28028Xur
Celestial NighthawkHelmet28028Xur
Graviton ForfeitHelmet28028Xur
Knucklehead RadarHelmet28028Xur
Mask of the Third ManHelmet28028Xur
Skyburners AnnexHelmet28028Xur
Achlyophage SymbioteHelmet28028Xur
Helm of KrolokHelmet29029?? Strike Reward
Bog Wild 1.0Helmet28028Hunter Vanguard
Iron Companion MaskHelmet28028Iron Banner
Burning Eye MaskHelmet28028Trials of Osiris ? Wins
Kallipolis MaskHelmet28028New Monarchy
Vermilion Stripe 1.0Helmet28028Hunter Vanguard
Heliopause MaskHelmet28028Dead Orbit
Aspriet 1.0Helmet28028Crucible Handler
Aspriet 1.1Helmet28028Crucible Handler
Infinite Lines MaskHelmet28028Future War Cult
Harrowed Darkhollow MaskHelmet?????King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Neuroghast 1.0Helmet?????
Neuroghast 2.1Helmet?????
Darkhollow MaskHelmet?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Takanome Ranger 1.0Helmet24024
Sinaa Lamprey 1.0Helmet858
Corsair’s Revenge 2.0Helmet?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 1.0Helmet?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 3.0Helmet?????
Corsair’s Revenge 1.0Helmet?????
Takanome Ranger 1.1Helmet?????
Wolf Pelt Weave ZedHelmet?????
Sinaa Lamprey 1.1Helmet?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 2.0Helmet?????
Brusilov 1.0Helmet19019
Battuta 1.0Helmet?????
Vaquero 1.0Helmet?????
Brusilov 1.1Helmet?????
Vaquero 1.1Helmet?????

Hunter Chest Armor

ATS/8 TarantellaChest Armor28028Xur
Lucky RaspberryChest Armor28028Xur
Crest of Alpha LupiChest Armor28028Xur
Kallipolis VestChest Armor28028New Monarchy
Aspriet 1.1Chest Armor28028Crucible Handler
Bog Wild 1.0Chest Armor28028Hunter Vanguard
Infinite Lines VestChest Armor28028Future War Cult
Winged Sun VestChest Armor28028Trials of Osiris ? Wins
Aspriet 1.0Chest Armor28028Crucible Handler
Vermilion Stripe 1.0Chest Armor28028Hunter Vanguard
Iron Companion VestChest Armor28028Iron Banner
Heliopause VestChest Armor28028Dead Orbit
Blindsight VestChest Armor26026Trials of Osiris Reward
Darkhollow ChitonChest Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Neuroghast 1.0Chest Armor?????
Harrowed Darkhollow ChitonChest Armor????? King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Neuroghast 2.1Chest Armor?????
Takanome Ranger 1.0Chest Armor24024
Wolf Pelt Weave ZedChest Armor?????
Sinaa Lamprey 1.1Chest Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 2.0Chest Armor?????
Takanome Ranger 1.1Chest Armor?????
Corsair’s Revenge 2.0Chest Armor?????
Sinaa Lamprey 1.0Chest Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 1.0Chest Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 3.0Chest Armor?????
Argus Deimatic 1.2.8Chest Armor?????
Corsair’s Revenge 1.0Chest Armor?????
Battuta 1.0Chest Armor?????
Brusilov 1.1Chest Armor?????
Vaquero 1.1Chest Armor?????
Vaquero 1.0Chest Armor?????
Brusilov 1.0Chest Armor19019

Hunter Gauntlets

Don’t Touch MeGauntlets28028Xur
Sealed Ahamkara GraspsGauntlets28028Xur
Young Ahamkara’s SpineGauntlets28028Xur
Khepri’s StingGauntlets28028Xur
Shinobu’s VowGauntlets28028Xur
Infinite Lines GripsGauntlets28028Future War Cult
Aspriet 1.0Gauntlets28028Crucible Handler
Heliopause GripsGauntlets28028Dead Orbit
Bog Wild 1.0Gauntlets28028Hunter Vanguard
Winged Sun SleevesGauntlets28028Trials of Osiris ? Wins
Kallipolis GripsGauntlets28028New Monarchy
Iron Companion SleevesGauntlets28028Iron Banner
Aspriet 1.1Gauntlets28028Crucible Handler
Vermilion Stripe 1.0Gauntlets28028Hunter Vanguard
Blindsight SleevesGauntlets26026Trials of Osiris Reward
Neuroghast 2.1Gauntlets?????
Neuroghast 1.0Gauntlets?????
Darkhollow GraspsGauntlets?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Harrowed Darkhollow GraspsGauntlets?????King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Takanome Ranger 1.0Gauntlets24024
Wolf Pelt Weave 1.0Gauntlets?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 3.0Gauntlets?????
Corsair’s Revenge 1.0Gauntlets?????
Sinaa Lamprey 1.0Gauntlets?????
Wolf Pelt Weave ZedGauntlets?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 2.0Gauntlets?????
Takenome Ranger 1.1Gauntlets?????
Sinaa Lamprey 1.1Gauntlets?????
Corsair’s Revenge 2.0Gauntlets?????
Battuta 1.0Gauntlets?????
Brusilov 1.1Gauntlets?????
Vaquero 1.1Gauntlets?????
Vaquero 1.0Gauntlets?????
Brusilov 1.0Gauntlets19019

Hunter Leg Armor

Radiant Dance MachinesLeg Armor28028Xur
Fr0st-EE5Leg Armor28028Xur
Bones of EaoLeg Armor28028Xur
Bog Wild 1.0Leg Armor28028Hunter Vanguard
Winged Sun LegsLeg Armor28028Trials of Osiris ? Wins
Aspriet 1.1Leg Armor28028Crucible Handler
Kallipolis BootsLeg Armor28028New Monarchy
Infinite Lines BootsLeg Armor28028Future War Cult
Vermilion Stripe 1.0Leg Armor28028Hunter Vanguard
Iron Companion BootsLeg Armor28028Iron Banner
Aspriet 1.0Leg Armor28028Crucible Handler
Heliopause BootsLeg Armor28028Dead Orbit
Blindsight LegsLeg Armor26026Trials of Osiris Reward
Neuroghast 1.0Leg Armor?????
Darkhollow TreadsLeg Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Neuroghast 2.1Leg Armor?????
Harrowed Darkhollow TreadsLeg Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Takanome Ranger 1.0Leg Armor24024
Sinaa Lamprey 1.1Leg Armor?????
Takanome Ranger 1.1Leg Armor?????
Corsair’s Revenge 2.0Leg Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 3.0Leg Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 1.0Leg Armor?????
Sinaa Lamprey 1.0Leg Armor?????
Corsair’s Revenge 1.0Leg Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave 2.0Leg Armor?????
Wolf Pelt Weave ZedLeg Armor?????
Brusilov 1.0Leg Armor19019
Battuta 1.0Leg Armor?????
Vaquero 1.1Leg Armor?????
Brusilov 1.1Leg Armor?????
Vaquero 1.0Leg Armor?????

Hunter Cloaks

Cloak of OblivionCloak29023Dead Orbit Quest (Rep Level 25)
Cloak of the RisingCloak29023New Monarchy Quest (Rep Level 25)
Chaos CloakCloak29023Future War Cult Quest (Rep Level 25)
Nightstalker CloakCloak17013Pre-Order Bonus
Void Flayer MantleCloak29023Strike Reward
Arc Flayer MantleCloak29023Strike Reward
Solar Flayer MantleCloak29023Strike Reward
Cloak of TaniksCloak29023Strike Reward
Strength of the PackCloak28022The Speaker
Quantum-Phoenix BlueCloak28022The Speaker
Pennant CloakCloak28022Crucible Handler
Legend of Six CoyotesCloak28022The Speaker
On the MarshCloak28022Hunter Vanguard
Cloak of the DusktornCloak28022Eris Morn
Cosmic JokeCloak28022The Speaker
Heliopause CloakCloak28022Dead Orbit
Wolfswood CloakCloak28022Iron Banner
Dead Zone RevolutionCloak28022The Speaker
Cloud Walker TributeCloak28022The Speaker
Cult/Trinary StarCloak28022The Speaker
Aspriet CloakCloak28022Crucible Handler
Infinite Lines CloakCloak28022Future War Cult
End UnsungCloak28022Hunter Vanguard
Venom of IkahekaCloak28022The Speaker
Kallipolis MantleCloak28022New Monarchy
Cloak of the Sixth ReignCloak23018Quest Reward
Bladedancer’s CloakCloak22017Quest Reward
Nightstalker’s CloakCloak22017Quest Reward
Gunslinger’s CloakCloak22017Quest Reward
Neuroghast CloakCloak?????
Cloak of Seven BonesCloak?????
Hood of the SpawnCloak?????Eris Quest Reward
Mantle of Sublime LightCloak?????
Silent SpecterCloak?????
Darkhollow MantleCloak?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Ayane Takanome’s CloakCloak19015Quest Reward
Pilgrim’s CloakCloak19015Quest Reward
The Ishtar DilemmaCloak?????
Highest SquidderCloak?????
Harbinger HoodCloak?????
Cloak of Keen EyesCloak?????
Takanome Ranger’s HoodCloak?????
Ones and ZeroesCloak?????
Squid Pro QuoCloak?????
Queen’s ArrowCloak?????
Journey HoodCloak?????
Buckaroo’s CloakCloak?????
Rihla MantleCloak?????
Trailblazer’s HoodCloak?????
Vaquero’s CloakCloak?????

Hunter Artifacts

Jasper CarcanetArtifact31024Quest Reward
Thrallskin DrumArtifact31024Quest Reward
Ankh of Sai MotaArtifact30024Quest Reward
Blood-Soaked CharmArtifact30024Quest Reward
Dredgen Yor’s RoseArtifact30024Quest Reward
Wax-Sealed CaseArtifact24019Quest Reward
Ahamkara ScaleArtifact20016Quest Reward
Neural BezoarArtifact20016Quest Reward
Trinary StarArtifact20016Quest Reward
Butterfly CodeArtifact30Random Drop
Coyote’s LuckArtifact30Random Drop
Efrideet’s EyeArtifact30Random Drop
Filament HexArtifact30Random Drop
Fist of Eight MoonsArtifact30Random Drop
Hezen TotemArtifact30Random Drop
Pallas RingArtifact30Random Drop
Parasitic OpticArtifact30Random Drop
Prismatic HeartArtifact30Random Drop
Rainbow BladeArtifact30Random Drop
The MaraidArtifact30Random Drop
The Pahanin ErrataArtifact30Random Drop
Thrice-Wrapped ThingArtifact30Random Drop
Two-Sided CoinArtifact30Random Drop
Unerring CompassArtifact30Random Drop


Hunter Emotes

The SprinklerEmote00Pre-Order Bonus

Titan Helmets

Empyrean BellicoseHelmet28028Xur
Eternal WarriorHelmet28028Xur
An Insurmountable SkullfortHelmet28028Xur
Helm of Saint-14Helmet28028Xur
The TaikonautHelmet28028Xur
The GlasshouseHelmet28028Xur
Helm of Inmost LightHelmet28028Xur
Darkblade HelmHelmet29029Sunless Cell Strike Reward
Infinite Lines HelmHelmet28028Future War Cult
Kallipolis CrownHelmet28028New Monarchy
Duskrender Type 0Helmet28028
Heliopause HelmHelmet28028
Pandion Type 0Helmet28028
Golden Bull MaskHelmet28028Trials of Osiris Reward
Murvaux Type 0Helmet28028
Iron Companion HelmHelmet28028Iron Banner
Pandion Type 1Helmet28028
War Numen’s CrownHelmet?????King’s Fall Raid (Hard)
Hesperos Type 1Helmet?????
Hesperos Type 0Helmet?????
MYCENAE Type 0Helmet24024
VISIGOTH Type 0Helmet858
Garuda Type 0Helmet?????
BRONTIOS Type 0Helmet?????
Pacorus Type 1Helmet?????
Garuda Type 1Helmet?????
BRONTIOS Type 1Helmet?????
VISIGOTH Type 1Helmet?????
MYCENAE Type 1Helmet?????
Pacorus Type 0Helmet?????
Taroudant Type 0Helmet19019
Zhurong Type 0Helmet?????
Ithacan Type 0Helmet?????
Ithacan Type 1Helmet?????
Taroudant Type 1Helmet?????

Titan Chest Armor

Crest of Alpha LupiChest Armor28028Xur
Twilight GarrisonChest Armor28028Xur
The ArmamentariumChest Armor28028Xur
Iron Companion PlateChest Armor28028Iron Banner
Murvaux Type 0Chest Armor28028Titan Vanguard
Pandion Type 1Chest Armor28028Crucible Handler
Heliopause PlateChest Armor28028Dead Orbit
Duskrender Type 0Chest Armor28028Titan Vanguard
Pandion Type 0Chest Armor28028Crucible Handler
Winged Sun PlateChest Armor28028Trials of Osiris Reward
Kallipolis PlateChest Armor28028New Monarchy
Infinite Lines PlateChest Armor28028Future War Cult
Blindsight PlateChest Armor26026Trials of Osiris Reward
War Numen’s ChestChest Armor?????King’s Fall Raid
Harrowed War Numen’s ChestChest Armor?????King’s Fall Raid (Hard)
Hesperos Type 0Chest Armor?????
Hesperos Type 0Chest Armor?????
MYCENAE Type 0Chest Armor24024
VISIGOTH Type 0Chest Armor?????
Garuda Type 1Chest Armor?????
BRONTIOS Type 1Chest Armor?????
MYCENAE Type 1Chest Armor?????
Pacorus Type 1Chest Armor?????
VISIGOTH Type 1Chest Armor?????
Garuda Type 0Chest Armor?????
BRONTIOS Type 0Chest Armor?????
Pacorus Type 0Chest Armor?????
Taroudant Type 0Chest Armor19019
Ithacan Type 0Chest Armor?????
Zhurong Type 0Chest Armor?????
Ithacan Type 1Chest Armor?????
Taroudant Type 1Chest Armor?????

Titan Gauntlets

ACD/0 Feedback FenceGauntlets28028Xur
Ruin WingsGauntlets28028Xur
Immolation FistsGauntlets28028Xur
No Backup PlansGauntlets28028Xur
Mau’ual’s MaulersGauntlets29029Strike Reward
Murvaux Type 0Gauntlets28028Titan Vanguard
Winged Sun GauntletsGauntlets28028Trials of Osiris Reward
Infinite Lines GauntletsGauntlets28028Future War Cult
Kallipolis GauntletsGauntlets28028New Monarchy
Duskrender Type 0Gauntlets28028Titan Vanguard
Pandion Type 1Gauntlets28028Crucible Handler
Heliopause GauntletsGauntlets28028Dead Orbit
Pandion Type 0Gauntlets28028Crucible Handler
Iron Companion GauntletsGauntlets28028Iron Banner
Blindsight GauntletsGauntlets26026Trials of Osiris Reward
Hesperos Type 1Gauntlets?????
War Numen’s FistGauntlets?????King’s Fall Raid loot
Hesperos Type 1Gauntlets?????
Harrowed War Numen’s FistGauntlets?????King’s Fall Raid loot (Hard)
MYCENAE Type 0Gauntlets24024
BRONTIOS Type 0Gauntlets?????
VISIGOTH Type 0Gauntlets?????
Pacorus Type 1Gauntlets?????
Garuda Type 1Gauntlets?????
BRONTIOS Type 1Gauntlets?????
VISIGOTH Type 1Gauntlets?????
Pacorus Type 0Gauntlets?????
MYCENAE Type 1Gauntlets?????
Garuda Type 0Gauntlets?????
Taroudant Type 0Gauntlets19019
Ithacan Type 0Gauntlets?????
Zhurong Type 0Gauntlets?????
Ithacan Type 1Gauntlets?????
Taroudant Type 1Gauntlets?????

Titan Leg Armor

DunemarchersLeg Armor28028Xur
Peregrine GreavesLeg Armor28028Xur
Mk. 44 Stand AsidesLeg Armor28028Xur
Duskrender Type 0Leg Armor28028Titan Vanguard
Pandion Type 1Leg Armor28028Crucible Handler
Iron Companion GreavesLeg Armor28028Iron Banner
Murvaux Type 0Leg Armor28028Titan Vanguard
Kallipolis GreavesLeg Armor28028New Monarchy
Pandion Type 0Leg Armor28028Crucible Handler
Infinite Lines GreavesLeg Armor28028Future War Cult
Heliopause GreavesLeg Armor28028Dead Orbit
Winged Sun GreavesLeg Armor28028Trials of Osiris Reward
Blindsight GreavesLeg Armor26026Trials of Osiris Reward
War Numen’s BootsLeg Armor?????King’s Fall Raid
Harrowed War Numen’s BootsLeg Armor?????King’s Fall Raid (Hard)
Hesperos Type 0Leg Armor?????
Hesperos Type 1Leg Armor?????
MYCENAE Type 0Leg Armor24024
Garuda Type 1Leg Armor?????
Pacorus Type 1Leg Armor?????
VISIGOTH Type 0Leg Armor?????
BRONTIOS Type 0Leg Armor?????
Garuda Type 0Leg Armor?????
Pacorus Type 0Leg Armor?????
MYCENAE Type 1Leg Armor?????
VISIGOTH Type 1Leg Armor?????
BRONTIOS Type 1Leg Armor?????
Taroudant Type 0Leg Armor19019
Ithacan Type 0Leg Armor?????
Zhurong Type 0Leg Armor?????
Taroudant Type 1Leg Armor?????
Ithacan Type 1Leg Armor?????

Titan Marks

Mark of the CircleTitan Mark29023Future War Cult Quest (Level 25)
Mark of the ExecutorTitan Mark29023New Monarchy Quest (Level 25)
Mark of OblivionTitan Mark29023Dead Orbit Quest (Level 25)
Mark of the SunforgedTitan Mark17013Trials of Osiris Reward
Mark of the Undying MindTitan Mark29023The Undying Mind Strike Reward
Pandion MarkTitan Mark28022Crucible Handler
Year 1993Titan Mark28022The Speaker
Tarlowe MarkTitan Mark28022Titan Vanguard
Moctezuma-PolyphonicTitan Mark28022The Speaker
Deep Stone CryptTitan Mark28022The Speaker
Thalor’s Golden MaulTitan Mark28022The Speaker
Mark of the ArenaTitan Mark28022Cricuble Handler
Freeholder’s MemoryTitan Mark28022The Speaker
First Pillar MarkTitan Mark28022Titan Vanguard
Honor of CormorantTitan Mark28022The Speaker
Wolfswood MarkTitan Mark28022Iron Banner
Infinite Lines MarkTitan Mark28022Future War Cult
Season of Ages XIITitan Mark28022The Speaker
Kallipolis MarkTitan Mark28022
Mark of the DuskbornTitan Mark28022
Heliopause MarkTitan Mark28022
Spirit of SaturnTitan Mark28022
Mark of the Queen’s GuardTitan Mark23018
Striker’s MarkTitan Mark22017
Sunbreaker’s MarkTitan Mark22017Quest Reward
Defender’s MarkTitan Mark22017
Hesperonaut MarkTitan Mark?????
Mark of the Old ChallengeTitan Mark?????
Mark of the HiddenTitan Mark?????
Pioneer MarkTitan Mark?????
Sublime Light MarkTitan Mark?????
Mark of the SpawnTitan Mark?????
War Numen’s MarkTitan Mark?????
Mark of the Lost SevenTitan Mark19015
Five Mile MarkTitan Mark19015
Mark of WingsTitan Mark?????
Mark of ThunderTitan Mark?????
Mark of the SortieTitan Mark?????
Mark of MourningTitan Mark?????
Garuda MarkTitan Mark?????
Mark of BlusterTitan Mark?????
Old Man’s MarkTitan Mark?????
Mark of Jagi’s HostTitan Mark?????
Mark of PassageTitan Mark?????
Mark of the Far-FlungTitan Mark?????
Mark of the OasisTitan Mark?????
Mark of the GatekeepersTitan Mark?????
Ithacan MarkTitan Mark?????

Titan Artifacts

Scroll of Eimin-TinArtifact31024
Scales of EaoArtifact30024
Vell Tarlowe’s VigilArtifact30024
Wei Ning’s CongArtifact30024
Asharru’s HopeArtifact20016
Fortuna PendantArtifact20016
Radegast’s BladeArtifact20016
Claw of CommandArtifact30
Cyclopean EnigmaArtifact30
Echo of HonorArtifact30
Firebreak EternalArtifact30
Horn of Six WarsArtifact30
Incubation ShellArtifact30
Intact Warmind CoreArtifact30
Judgment of MarsArtifact30
Kabr’s Pocket WatchArtifact30
Saint-14’s RingArtifact30
Skyburners’ ObolArtifact30
Stoneborn RelicArtifact30
Sunscorched LensArtifact30
Wings of Apris-FolArtifact30
Yzoz’s PendulumArtifact30

Titan Emotes

Ham(mer) It UpEmote00Taken King Pre-Order Promotion

Warlock Helmets

Astrocyte VerseHelmet28028Xur
Apotheosis VeilHelmet28028Xur
Obsidian MindHelmet28028Xur
Skull of Dire AhamkaraHelmet28028Xur
THE STAGHelmet28028Xur
Light Beyond NemesisHelmet28028Xur
The RamHelmet28028Xur
Devouring MawHelmet29029Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike Reward
Infinite Lines HoodHelmet28028Future War Cult
Haliaetus IHelmet28028
Blind Jackal MaskHelmet28028
Samsara IHelmet28028
Iron Companion HoodHelmet28028Iron Banner
Haliaetus IIHelmet28028
Kallipolis HoodHelmet28028
Bindcaster IHelmet28028
Heliopause HoodHelmet28028Dead Orbit
Azoth Bend IIHelmet?????
Mouth of UrHelmet?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Azoth Bend IHelmet?????
Harrowed Mouth of UrHelmet?????King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Dujiao Shou IHelmet24024
Salicin Fen IHelmet858
Cormorant Line IIHelmet?????
Dujiao Shou IIHelmet?????
Seraph Reform IHelmet?????
Seraph IHelmet?????
Cormorant Line IHelmet?????
Seraph Reform IIHelmet?????
Salicin Fen IIHelmet?????
Seraph IIHelmet?????
Aura PurgeHelmet19019
Terra BideHelmet?????
Solo Clade IHelmet?????
Aura Purge IHelmet?????
Solo CladeHelmet?????

Warlock Chest Armor

Alchemist’s RaimentChest Armor28028Xur
Starfire ProtocolChest Armor28028Xur
Heart of the Praxic FireChest Armor28028Xur
Purifier RobesChest Armor28028Xur
Voidfang VestmentsChest Armor28028Xur
Winged Sun VestmentsChest Armor28028Trials of Osiris
Kallipolis RobesChest Armor28028
Infinite Lines RobesChest Armor28028Future War Cult
Samsara IChest Armor28028
Iron Companion VestmentsChest Armor28028Iron Banner
Haliaetus IIChest Armor28028
Bindcaster IChest Armor28028
Heliopause RobesChest Armor28028
Haliaetus IChest Armor28028
Blindsight VestmentsChest Armor26026
Azoth Bend IIChest Armor?????
Chasm of YuulChest Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Azoth Bend IIChest Armor?????
Harrowed Chasm of YuulChest Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Dujiao Shou IChest Armor24024
Seraph IChest Armor?????
Seraph Reform IChest Armor?????
Salicin Fen IIChest Armor?????
Cormorant Line IIChest Armor?????
Dujiao Shou IIChest Armor?????
Seraph IIChest Armor?????
Seraph Reform IIChest Armor?????
Salicin Fen IChest Armor?????
Cormorant Line IChest Armor?????
Aura PurgeChest Armor19019
Aura Purge IChest Armor?????
Solo Clade IChest Armor?????
Terra BideChest Armor?????
Solo CladeChest Armor?????

Warlock Gauntlets

The Impossible MachinesGauntlets28028Xur
Claws of AhamkaraGauntlets28028Xur
Nothing ManaclesGauntlets28028Xur
Ophidian AspectGauntlets28028Xur
Theosyion VibrissaeGauntlets29029Strike Reward
Kallipolis GlovesGauntlets28028
Samsara IGauntlets28028
Haliaetus IIGauntlets28028
Iron Companion GlovesGauntlets28028Iron Banner
Infinite Lines GlovesGauntlets28028Future War Cult
Heliopause GlovesGauntlets28028
Bindcaster IGauntlets28028
Winged Sun GlovesGauntlets28028Trials of Osiris
Haliaetus IGauntlets28028
Blindsight GlovesGauntlets26026
Harrowed Grasp of EirGauntlets?????King’s Fall Raid (Hard)
Grasp of EirGauntlets?????King’s Fall Raid
Dujiao Shou IGauntlets24024
Seraph Reform IIGauntlets?????
Seraph Reform IGauntlets?????
Salicin Fen IIGauntlets?????
Dujiao Shou IIGauntlets?????
Cormorant Line IGauntlets?????
Salicin Fen IGauntlets?????
Seraph IIGauntlets?????
Cormorant Line IIGauntlets?????
Aura PurgeGauntlets19019
Solo Clade IGauntlets?????
Aura Purge IGauntlets?????
Terra BideGauntlets?????
Solo CladeGauntlets?????

Warlock Leg Armor

Transversive StepsLeg Armor28028Xur
Iron Companion LegsLeg Armor28028Iron Banner
Bindcaster ILeg Armor28028
Haliaetus ILeg Armor28028
Heliopause LegsLeg Armor28028
Infinite Lines LegsLeg Armor28028Future War Cult
Haliaetus IILeg Armor28028
Samsara ILeg Armor28028
Kallipolis LegsLeg Armor28028
Winged Sun BootsLeg Armor28028Trials of Osiris
Blindsight BootsLeg Armor26026Trials of Osiris
Azoth Bend ILeg Armor?????
Path of XolLeg Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot
Azoth Bend IILeg Armor?????
Harrowed Path of XolLeg Armor?????King’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)
Dujiao Shou ILeg Armor24024
Cormorant Line ILeg Armor?????
Seraph IILeg Armor?????
Salicin Fen ILeg Armor?????
Seraph Reform IILeg Armor?????
Cormorant Line IILeg Armor?????
Dujiao Shou IILeg Armor?????
Seraph ILeg Armor?????
Salicin Fen IILeg Armor?????
Seraph Reform ILeg Armor?????
Aura PurgeLeg Armor19019
Aura Purge ILeg Armor?????
Solo Clade ILeg Armor?????
Terra BideLeg Armor?????
Solo CladeLeg Armor?????

Warlock Bonds

The Age to ComeWarlock Bond29023New Monarchy Quest (Level 25)
Light BeyondWarlock Bond29023Dead Orbit Quest (Level 25)
Circle of WarWarlock Bond29023Future War Cult Quest (Level 25)
Stormcaller BondWarlock Bond17013Quest Reward
Omnigul BondWarlock Bond29023
Spirit of the VultureWarlock Bond28022
The Five Lives of AlbiosWarlock Bond28022
Seal of the Twin EagleWarlock Bond28022
Infinite Lines BondWarlock Bond28022
Haliaetus BondWarlock Bond28022
Curse of the HiddenWarlock Bond28022
Harlequin PendulumWarlock Bond28022
Subterranean BondWarlock Bond28022
Union of the ConsensusWarlock Bond28022
Ulan-Tan’s Burial RingWarlock Bond28022
Heliopause BondWarlock Bond28022
Kallipolis BondWarlock Bond28022
Binary LazarusWarlock Bond28022
Wolfswood BondWarlock Bond28022
Bond of the TiltWarlock Bond28022
Ebonthorn BondWarlock Bond28022
White Polygon ConstructWarlock Bond28022
Bond of the Queen’s GuardWarlock Bond23018
Sunsinger’s BondWarlock Bond22017
Voidwalker’s BondWarlock Bond22017
Stormcaller’s BondWarlock Bond22017
Sublime Light BondWarlock Bond?????
Worm Gods’ BoonWarlock Bond?????
Song of DuskWarlock Bond?????
Bond of GuardiansWarlock Bond?????
Emerald LightWarlock Bond?????
Order of Guardians BondWarlock Bond?????
Bond of the WormloreWarlock Bond?????

Warlock Artifacts

Broken CrownArtifact31024
Numinous WebArtifact31024
Sins of Kharad-TanArtifact30024
The Damned LuteArtifact30024
The Traitor’s DieArtifact30024
Light of MothsArtifact24019
Skorri’s DirgeArtifact20016
Spectral DustArtifact20016
Techeun BangleArtifact20016
Flamel CrestArtifact30
Hourless GlassArtifact30
Leaf of the Bleeding TreeArtifact30
Oddly Colored CubeArtifact30
Ring of Living StoneArtifact30
Segoth’s HeadArtifact30
Silent OracleArtifact30
Sisyphus ProjectArtifact30
Specimen TwelveArtifact30
Thanatonaut’s LullabyArtifact30
Tome of NothingArtifact30
Transcendent EyeArtifact30
Warp FragmentArtifact30
Whispering SphereArtifact30

Warlock Emotes

The Circle GlideEmote00Pre-Order Promotion

Ghost Shells

Competitive ShellGhost Shell28022Crucible Handler
Vanguard ShellGhost Shell28022Hunter, Titan or Warlock Vanguard
Dread Explorer ShellGhost Shell22017Quest Reward
Joyride ShellGhost Shell20016Quest Reward
Bold Red ShellGhost Shell19015The Speaker
Purple Spine ShellGhost Shell19015Quest Reward
Turquoise ShellGhost Shell19015The Speaker Quest Reward
Verdant ShellGhost Shell19015The Speaker Quest Reward
Winter Sky ShellGhost Shell19015The Speaker
Brave ShellGhost Shell17013The Speaker Quest Reward
Mare Cognitum ShellGhost Shell453The Speaker Quest Reward
Kingslayer ShellGhost Shell00
Pursuer ShellGhost Shell00
Questing ShellGhost Shell00
Scholar ShellGhost Shell00
Sunlit ShellGhost Shell00


Mind BleacherShip
Fatal VisionShip
The Road UnraveledShip
High and FlightyShip
Sidereal RumbaShip
Kondratyuk’s EscapeShip
Hebridean ThoughtcrimeShip
Agonarch KarveShipKing’s Fall Raid Loot (Hard)


SR-1 SwiftriverVehicle
SR-0 SwiftriverVehicleQuest Reward
S-34 RavensteelVehicleVIP Reward


Antique LandShader
Bone MarrowShader
Chanson de GesteShader
Electric AquariusShader
Feud UnfadingShader
Lion DancerShader
Nebula GlowShader
Sulfur BurnishShader
SUROS MinimalistShader
The Old GuardShader
Vena CavaShader
Iris GermanicaShader
Atlantean 5055Shader
Debt UnpaidShader
Blue MarbleShader
Mostly CloudyShader
Autumn SplendorShader
Mercurial DawnShader
Cyan StarsShader


Be BraveEmblem
Beryl CometaryEmblem
Blessing of the JoinedEmblem
Devourer of LightEmblem
Eye of the StormEmblem
Flow of KnowledgeEmblem
Frames of MindEmblem
Hic JacetEmblem
Insula ThesaurariaEmblem
Iron PrideEmblem
Laurea PrimaEmblem
Lost and FoundriesEmblem
Might of VulcanEmblem
Of Light and HungerEmblem
On the EdgeEmblem
Paean of ResplendenceEmblem
Scarab HeartEmblem
Sign of the BattlebornEmblem
Spectrum TheoryEmblem
Sunset CityEmblem
SUROS FireEmblem
The AscendantEmblem
The EntertainerEmblem
The InexorableEmblem
The Ironwood TreeEmblem
The Living WallEmblem
The Perfect ShotEmblem
The Pitiless BargainEmblem
The Undying LightEmblem
Worm Gods’ ServantEmblem
Alchemist CastEmblem
Little LightEmblem
No Puppet, IEmblem
Off to the RacesEmblem
Our KingdomEmblem
Sigil of the Burning DawnEmblem
Silent ScreamEmblem


Agonarch RuneConsumable
Charged Agonarch RuneConsumable
Heuristic LightConsumable
Indomitable Light Consumable
Key of AkkaConsumable
Key of EirConsumable
Key of Gnashing TeethConsumable
Key of MaggotsConsumable
Key of the SpawnConsumable
Key of UrConsumable
Key of WyrdingConsumable
Key of XolConsumable
Key of YuulConsumable
Skyburners Command Beacon Consumable Dreadnaught Item Drop
Skyburners Deployment Codes Consumable
Skyburners Security PassConsumable
Spark of LightConsumable
SR-0 Swiftriver UpgradeConsumableQuest Reward
Three of CoinsConsumableNightfall Drop and Xur
Valorous LightConsumable
Wormfeeder Rune Consumable


Antiquated Rune MaterialsNightfall Reward, Quest Reward
Antiquated Rune MaterialsDreadnought Drop, Kings Fall Raid Reward
Armor Materials MaterialsDismantling Armor
Hadium Flake MaterialsFound in Chests on the Dreadnaught
Moldering Shard MaterialsKing’s Fall Raid Loot Raid Drop
Reciprocal Rune MaterialsDreadnaught Drop and Eris Quest
Stolen Rune MaterialsDreadnaught Drop and Strike Reward
Stolen Rune MaterialsQuest Reward
Stolen Rune MaterialsEris Quest Reward
Wormspore MaterialsDreadnaught Drop, King’s Fall Raid Loot Raid Drop and Found in Patrol

Unknown Items

Classified UnknownQuest
Classified Unknown
Classified Unknown
Classified Unknown
Classified Unknown
Classified Unknown
ClassifiedVex Technology
Distorted Body Armor Unknown
Distorted Body Armor Unknown
Distorted Body Armor Unknown
Distorted Boots Unknown
Distorted Boots Unknown
Distorted Gauntlets Unknown
Distorted Gauntlets Unknown
Distorted Heavy Weapon Unknown
Distorted Heavy Weapon Unknown
Distorted Helmet Unknown
Distorted Primary Weapon Unknown
Distorted Primary Weapon Unknown
Distorted Special Weapon Unknown
Distorted Special Weapon Unknown
Fused Tomb-stone UnknownQuest Reward
Fusion Rifle Energy Unknown
Galliot XG-1 Throttle UnknownQuest Reward
Infusion of Light Unknown
Quest Item Unknown
Scrambled Engram Unknown
Scrambled Supply Crate Unknown
Shattered Tech-Witch Brooch Unknown
Soliton Flare Unknown
Spark of Light Unknown
Taken Chronoshards Unknown
Tech-Witch Brooch UnknownQuest Reward
Wolfship Display UnknownQuest Reward
Zeptocyte Cores Unknown
Destiny All The Taken King Weapons, Armor and Ships

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