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All Destiny April Prison of Elders Items Update

All Destiny April Prison of Elders Items Update

by Marc DuportMarch 31, 2016


All Destiny April Prison of Elders Items Update

The battered remnants of the Reef are mopping up the lingering Taken forces throughout the system. The worst have been captured by the Awoken and await judgment in the Prison of Elders, but a pretender to Oryx’s vacant throne has escaped Variks’ vengeful grasp. Hunt the dark beast down before he grows too powerful and reap the rewards that await you. The April Update is available for free on 12 April 2016 for all Destiny: The Taken King owners.

April Update: Everything We Know so far

New Gameplay
– New Mission “Pretender to the Throne” Located on the Dreadnaught
– New Strike “The Blighted Chalice” Located in the Hellmouth with the Boss Being Malok
– New Taken Version of “Winter’s Run” That Will Appear in the Heroic Strike Playlist
– Level 41 Prison of Elders (Recommended Light of 260)
– Level 42 Challenge of the Elders with 3 Bosses (Recommended Light of 320) (2 Nightfall Modifiers) (Uses Elder’s Sigil with Points System and a Weekly Bonus for Points)

– New Quest “At the Gates” Will Feature New Mission and Strike Mentioned Above
– New Quest “Return to the Prison” Will Require You to Complete Level 41 Prison of Elders
– New PlayStation Exclusive Quest “Fight Fire with Fire” Will Require You to do At Least One Activity in the Court of Oryx
– New Bounties from Petra and Variks

– Elder’s Sigil Has Two Thing to Complete: Getting 30,000 Points in One Match, and Getting 90,000 Points in a Week
– Vanguard Bounties Count in Prison of Elders
– Treasure Keys No Longer Exist
– Prison of Elders will Have 4 Bosses from Before and 4 New Taken Bosses

New Rewards
– Light Level Increased to 335
– King’s Fall Normal Mode Rewards 320 Gear
– King’s Fall Hard Mode Rewards 335 Gear
– Court of Oryx Rewards 335 Artifacts from Antiquated Runes
– Level 41 Prison of Elders Rewards 320 Gear and Sterling Treasure
– Level 42 Challenge of the Elders Rewards 335 from the Elder’s Sigil
– Iron Banner Rewards 335 Gear
– Trial of Osiris Reward 335 Gear
– Strike Exclusive Gear Spawns Up To 335 Light Level
– Exotic Engrams Can Give You 335 Gear

New Materials
– Chroma Glows – Adds a Colorful Glow to Weapons and Armor
– Sterling Treasure – Reward New Armor Sets, Ships, Reputation Boosters, and Chroma Glows (Available from Postmaster, Weekly Crucible Playlist, and Level 41 Prison of Elders)

New Vendors
– Eververse in the Reef
– Abandoned Kiosk in the Reef

New Vendor Armor

Spektar – Chroma-Compatible
Chroma Armor
Spektar Heliopause – Dead Orbit Chroma-Compatible
DeadOrbit Armor
Spektar Kallipolis – New Monarchy Chroma-Compatible
NewMonarchy Armor
Spektar Infinite – Future War Cult Chroma-Compatible
FWC Armor
Desolate – “They are Taken…” –Eris Morn (Entire set required for effect)
Taken Armor

UI and Machanics Improvements
– HUD Disabler
– Vault has 50% More Space
– Infusion Now Takes 100% of the Power from Weapon Being Dismantled

New Gear
– Desolate Armor Has Taken Look When Full Set is Equipped Spawns at Defense Level 3 (Available from Sterling Treasure)
– Spektar Armor Was Made to Have Chroma Glows Put On It Spawns at Defense Level 3 (Available from Sterling Treasure)
– Factions Have New Armor

New Weapons
– Aegis of the Reef Reprise – Pulse Rifle
– Bane of the Taken – Machine Gun
– Crows Eye Reprise – Sidearm
– Dreadfang – Sword (Void)
– Final Duty Reprise – Pulse Rifle
– Hand of Judgement Reprise
– Her Champion Reprise – Shotgun
– Her Fury – Sniper Rifle
– Her Memory – Auto Rifle
– Her Revenge – Hand Cannon
– Lethe Noblesse Reprise – Scout Rifle
– Queens Choice Reprise – Side Arm
– SoulStealers Claw Reprise – Auto Rifle
– Stolen Pride Reprise – Hand Cannon
– Stolen Will Reprise – Shotgun
– Techeun Rage Reprise – Fusion Rifle
– The Nightmare Reprise – Rocket Launcher

-New Sparrows from House of Judgement
– Days of Wind (Reskined SRL Sparrow)
– A-35 Aeon Glow (Reskined SRL Sparrow)

New Ships from Sterling Treasure
– Last Battle (Reskined HoW Ship)
– longest Vigil (Reskined HoW Ship)
– Lost Legacy (Reskined HoW Ship)
– Space Age Mariner  (Reskined Vienna Singer Ship)
– Waning Star (Reskined Glass Minuet Ship)

– New Emblem Rewarded from Prison of Elders
– Prison of Elders II

New Ghost Shell Available from Challenge of Elders
– Condumed Shell

New Year 1 Weapons Being Brought Up to Year 2
– Shadow Price (Auto Rifle)
– Badger CCL (Scout Rifle)
– Lord Higher Fixer (Hand Cannon)
– Grim Citizen III (Auto Rifle)
– The Saterienne Rapier (Scout Rifle)
– The Devil You Know (Hand Cannon)
– The Swarm (Machine Gun)
– Zombie Apocalypse WF47 (Machine Gun)
– LDR 5001 (Sniper Rifle)
– Y-09 Longbow Synthesis (Sniper Rifle)
– Two To the Morgue (Shotgun)
– The Comedian (Shotgun)

Level 42 Challenge of the Elders Weapons
– Her Revenge (Hand Cannon)
– Her Memory (Auto Rifle)
– Final Duty (Pulse Rifle)
– Lethe Noblesse (Scout Rifle)
– Her Champion (Shotgun)
– Her Fury (Sniper Rifle)
– Techeun Rage (Fusion Rifle)
– The Nightmare (Rocket Launcher)
– Bane of the Taken (Machine Gun)

New Year 1 Exotics Being Brought Up to Year 2

– Patience and Time (Sniper Rifle)
– Universal Remote (Shotgun)
– Lord of Wolves (Shotgun)
– Dreg’s Promise (Sidearm)
– Queenbreaker’s Bow (Fusion Rifle)

– ATS/8 Arachnid (Hunter Helmet)
– Khepri’s Sting (Hunter Gauntlets)
– Lucky Raspberry (Hunter Chest Armor)
– Eternal Warrior (Titan Helmet)
– The Glasshouse (Titan Helmet)
– ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Titan Gauntlets)
– Sunbreakers (Warlock Gauntlets)
– Purifier Robes (Warlock Chest Armor)

New Emotes
– Taken Shiver
– Club Dance
– Instructional Dance
– Do It
– Kicks Dance

– Praise the Gun
– Amazed
– Sumo
– Bye-Bye
– Praise the Light
– I Don’t Know
– Crane Kick
– Rude Taunt

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