Destiny Astrolord Helmet – Legendary

Destiny Helmet Astrolord HoodDestiny Astrolord Helmet – Legendary Warlock Class

Character Class: Warlock
Armor Type: Helmet
Quality Tier: Legendary
Level Required: 20
Set Type: Astrolord
Manufacturer: FWC
Defence Rating: 280
Light: 18
Intellect: 27
Strength: 30
Shaders: Type 1
*Upgrade Abilities: Ashes to Asset
Incisive Maintenance
Found in Loot: No
Loot Location: N/A
Vendor: Lakshimi 2
Cost: 120 Crucible Marks

*Upgrade abilities:

  • Ashes to Asset – Grenade kills replenish Super Ability energy faster.
  • Energize – Increases armor defense rating but locks in all previous choices.
  • Incisive Maintenance – Melee hits replenish grenade energy.
  • Upgrade – Increases armor defense rating.


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