Destiny Helmet Light Values

Destiny Helmet Light Values,

Destiny Achlyophage Symbiote

We all know after reaching rank 20 in Destiny XP does not contribute towards anything, light values is the key, the more light the higher your rank.

How do I get light…..? well it’s infused in to your Rare, Legendary and Exotic Armor.

Below is a table of most, I say most as not all gear has been announced or made available at the time of writing this post, but I will continue to update as and when details do become available.

If this becomes a popular post our if any comments below should request it, I can make a list of all other Light Values for Weapons, Chest Pieces, Legs ect;

Level ranks are based on the following Light values:

Level             Light Required

21                    20 light
22                    32 light
23                    43 light
24                    54 light
25                    65 light
26                    76 light
27                    87 light
28                    98 light
29                    109 light
30                    120 light

Items can be upgraded to the following values

Rare = Base 0 – Max Upgrade 15
Legendary = Base 18 – Max Upgrade 27
Legendary Raid Gear = Base 18 – Max Upgrade 30
Exotic = Base 21 – Max Upgrade 30


NameBase LightMax LightTierClassAquired From
0A0X NightMask 1.4015RareHunter??
Achlyophage Symbiote2130ExoticHunter??
An Insurmountable Skullfort2130ExoticTitan??
AOS#AL-Suhail V1515RareWarlock??
Apotheosis Veil2130ExoticWarlock??
Argus Deimatic 1.31515RareHunter??
Argus Deimatic 1.3R11515RareHunter??
Armarda Type 31827LegendaryTitanTitan Vanguard
120x Vanguard Marks

Astrolord Cover1827LegendaryHunter??
Astrolord Helm1827LegendaryTitan??
Astrolord Hood1827LegendaryWarlock??
ATS/8 Arachnid2130Exotic??
Battlecage of Kabr1830LegendaryVault of Glass Raid Reward
Cold Mantis 2.3.01015RareHunter??
Cover of Exile1827Legendary??
Cover Of No Tomorrows1827LegendaryHunter??
Cowl of the Hezen Lords1830LegendaryVault of Glass Raid Reward
Cultist's Cover18Legendary??
Cultist's Helm18Legendary??
Cultist's Hood18Legendary??
Deathsinger's Gaze18Legendary??
Durga-GNT Type 01827LegendaryTitan??
Dusk Treader18Legendary??
Dustwalker1827LegendaryHunterHunter Vanguard
120x Vanguard Marks
Eclipse Maw VI1827LegendaryWarlock??
Exodus Cover1827LegendaryHunter??
Exodus Helm1827LegendaryTitan??
Faceguard of Kabr1830Legendary??
Fatekiller Hood1827LegendaryWarlock??
Façade of the Hezen Lords1830LegendaryVault of Glass Raid Reward
Ghost Angel1827LegendaryHunterHunter Vanguard
120x Vanguard Marks
H_LD Starwinder1827LegendaryHunter??
Helm of Inmost Light2130ExoticTitan??
Helm of No Tomorrow1827LegendaryTitan??
Helm of Saint-142130ExoticTitan??
Helm of the Seven18Legendary??
Hood of No Tomorrow1827LegendaryWarlock??
Hood of the Exodus1827LegendaryWarlock??
Istanu-GNT Razor1827LegendaryWarlock??
Justicar's Casque1827LegandaryTitan??
Justicar's Hood1827LegendaryWarlock??
Justicar's Mask1827LegendaryHunter??
Knight Type 3015RareTitan??
Knight Type 4015RareTitan??
Knucklehead Radar2130Exotic??
Light Beyond Nemisis2130ExoticWarlock??
Locus Watcher I1515RareWarlock??
Locus Watcher III1515RareWarlock??
Locus Watcher V015RareWarlock??
Manifold Seeker I1515RareWarlock??
Mask of the Iron Lords1827Legandary??
Mask of the Third Man2130ExoticHunterAgent of Nine
13x Strange Coins
Monitor Type 21827LegendaryTitanTitan Vanguard
120x Vanguard Marks
Nemesis Plane IV15RareWarlock??
Nerigal Savant III1827LegendaryWarlock??
Oblivion Helm1827LegandaryTitan??
Order's Casque1827LegandaryTitan??
Order's Hood1827LedendaryWarlock??
Order's Mask1827LegendaryHunter??
Queen's Guard Helm1827LegandaryTitan??
Raku Crucible Type1827LegendaryTitan??
Raku Fulcrum Type 0915RareTitan??
Raku Fulcrum Type 01215RareTitan??
Raku Fulcrum Type 2015RareTitan??
Raku Fulcrum Type 3015RareTitan??
Rustburner 1.5.41215RareHunter??
Rustburner 1.5B1515RareHunter??
Skull of Dire Ahamkara2130ExoticWarlock??
Sojourn Cover1827LegendaryHunter??
The Glasshouse2130Exotic??
The Stag2130Exotic??
Toutatis Type 1015RareTitan??
Toutatis Type 3015RareTitan??
Toutatis Type 51515RareTitan??
Vanth Orcus 0A0X1827LegendaryWarlock??
Mantic Zealot Helm1830LegendaryHunterVault of Glass Raid Reward
Prime Zealot Helm1830LegendaryHunterVault of Glass Raid Reward

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