Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Add On 1 Console Commands and Item IDs

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Add On 1 Console Commands and Item IDs

FO4 Automaton Item Codes

You can enter these cheats in to the command console brought up with the ~ (tilde) key, most seem to have the same effect as in Fallout 3, just now with different item codes to activate them. The list of codes can be seen below
(Adding more codes as they become available)


caqs – This completes every step of the entire main story, completing the game for you. USE WITH CAUTION!!
cl – Enable/Disable or Edit the highlighting emitted from characters.
coc qasmoke – This teleports you to a room full of boxes that contain every single item in the game. used to find item IDs.
fov – Change the Field of View. The higher the number the more of a fish eye effect. Default value is set at 70.
kill – Kill a selected target
kill [insert ID] – Kill an enemy with the ID inputted. EG typing “kill 0017FDA3” and the feral ghoul will die. (works anywhere)
killall – Kill all NPCs in immediate area (does not kill compaions and story vital NPCs)
player.additem [item code] [Amount] – Add an item to your inventory and the number of how many  you want.
player.modav [skill] [number] – Increase a skill. Example (player.modav strength 10) will boost your strength by 10 points.
player.placeatme [object code] – Spawn an item or NPC nearby
player.setav speedmult [insert number here] – Increase your movement speed
player.setlevel [insert number here] – Increase your level to the number input.
player/additem [item code] [Amount] – Add an item to your inventory and the number of how many you want
resurrect [insert ID] – Resurrect enemy with the ID inputted. EG type “resurrect 0017FDA3” and the feral ghoul will respawn.
set timescale to [insert number here]  – Speeds up or slows down the world environment. default realtime setting 16. 1
setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number here] – The higher the number the higher you jump, remember to set God Mode.
setscale [number from 1 to 10] – Increase the size of your target
sexchange – Hmmm! two guesses
sucsm 20 – Changes the Freeroam camera speed. Default is set at 20.
tai – Toggles NPC AI on / off
tcai – Toggle NPC combat AI on / off
tcl – NoClipping mode on / off (Walk through everything)
tdetect – Hidden from AI Detection. Steal and thief away.
tfc – Enable free-roam camera
tim Toggle Immortal Mode. You can still take damage, but your health will never hit 0. no rad invincibility, no infinite ammo.
tgm – God Mode (infinite health, infinite ammo)
tm – Toggles menus and UI on / off
tmm 1 – Show all map markers
unlock – Unlock the selected door or terminal

Below are the required ID Codes to input and use with the above console commands

The prefixed “xx” on some codes will need to be replaced with either 01 or 02

Ada – xx00FD5A – xx01472F
Ahab – xx010F5F –
Jezebel – xx008ACF –
The Mechanist – xx0008B2 –  xx00097C
The Sole Survivor – xx000007 – xx000014
Tin Man – xx0EFBBB – xx0EFBAA

Robots & Computers
Assaultron – 000DF64A
Duelbot – xx007837 – xx007844
Eyebot – 000EFBB4
Eyebot Peepers – 000BB1F9
Eyebot Sonya – 000C895F
Eyebot Sonya Mk.II – 0014D172
Eyebot Ol’ Rusty – 000EF3F5
Eyebot Sparks – 00001DAC
Protectron – ????????
Protectron Basilisk
Protectron Buddy – 000F12B0
Protectron Devil  – ????????
Protectron First Mate – 000A1601
Protectron Golem
Protectron Guardian – ????????
Protectron Fire Brigadier – 001E61E0
Protectron Medical – 001E61E3
Protectron Police – 001E61E4
Protectron Scourge
Protectron Takahashi – 00002CDA
Protectron Tin Man – 000EFBBB
Protectron Utility  – 001D77A0
Protectron Watcher – 00121D4F
Robobrain Jezebel – xx008ACF
Sentry Bot – 000AE0BB
Sentry Bot Annihilator – 00216357
Sentry Bot Annihilator Mk.II – 00216358
Sentry Bot Gus – 0018448D
Sentry Bot Gunner – 0022CDF4
Sentry Bot Gunner Annihilator Mk.II – 0022CDF6
Sentry Bot Gunner Sentry Bot – 0022CDF3
Sentry Bot Ironsides – 0003ADC4
Sentry Bot Sarge – 0012C046
Sentry Bot Siege Breaker – 000CFB4A
Sentry Bot Active Combat Prototype Mk.IV – 00000A26
Sentry Bot Inactive Combat Protoype Mk.IV – 001091EF
Swarmbot – ????????
Tankbot – ????????

First Aid
Robot Repair Kit – 02004F12

Assaultron helmet – xx00864A
Eyebot helmet – xx00864C
Mechanist’s Armor – xx008BC1
Mechanist’s Helmet – xx008BC3
Robot Armor Standard
Robot chest piece – xx00863F
Robot right leg xx008646
Robot left leg xx008648
Robot right arm xx008642
Robot left arm xx008644
Robot Armor Sturdy
Sturdy robot chest piece – xx00863F
Sturdy robot right leg – xx008646
Sturdy robot left leg – xx008648
Sturdy robot right arm – xx008642
Sturdy robot left arm – xx008644
Robot Armor Heavy
Heavy robot chest piece – xx00863F
Heavy robot right leg – xx008646
Heavy robot left leg – xx008648
Heavy robot right arm – xx008642
Heavy robot left arm – xx008644
Sentry Bot Helmet – xx00864E
Tesla T-60 Armor – ????????

Holodisks & Notes
Automatron – xx007B20
Chief scientist’s holotape – xx008B44
Drawing of the Mechanist – xx00417B
Facilities director’s holotape – xx008B43
Jackson’s holotape – xx010134
Jezebel interview – xx011070
The Last Straw – xx00A2D3
Lead engineer’s holotape – xx008B42
Mechanist holotape – xx010A56 – xx010A57 – xx010A58
Mechanist’s log – xx009FE1
Scavenger’s journal – xx0109D2
Work order 09-241 – xx008B62
Zoe’s diary – xx0009D3

Beacon Amplifier – xx002622
Beacon Oscillator – xx000890
Burnt Technical Manual – xx00841F
Eyebot Pod Schematics – xx0109BC
Jezebel’s Head – xx008AD4
Radar Beacon – xx000883
Robot Workbench Schematics 0000254A – xx01133D
Spotlight Schematics – xx0109BB

Assaultron blade – xx008B8E
Mr. Handy buzzsaw – xx0020F8
Protectron’s Gaze – ????????
Salvaged assaultron head – xx0100B7
Tesla rifle – xx003E07

World objects
Eyebot pod – xx003ECA
Robot workbench – ????????
Spotlight – wall-mounted – ????????

Passwords & Terminal Keys
Forfeiture Terminal Password – xx00FEAC
Medical Terminal Password – xx00d5E0
RB-2851 Master Control Password – xx001D29
RobCo Sales and Service Center Password – xx008B66