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Far Cry 3 Unlocks and Secret Locations

Far Cry 3 Unlocks and Secret Locations

by Marc DuportJanuary 31, 2013

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Far Cry 3 Unlocks and Secret Locations

Signature Weapons Unlock Guide
Once unlocked, these special weapons become available for purchase.

Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle
Cost: $4800
Unlock: Find 20 Relics

Bull Shotgun
Weapon Type: Shotgun
Cost: $3010
Unlock: Find 10 Relics

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
Cost: $3800
Unlock: Activate All Radio Towers

Weapon Type: Revolver Pistol
Cost: $2790
Unlock: Uplay Reward

Japanese Tanto
Weapon Type: Machete Upgrade
Cost: $0
Unlock: Find 6 Letters of the Lost

Weapon Type: Light Machine Gun
Cost: $4200
Unlock: Complete 6 Trials of Rakyat

Weapon Type: Pistol
Cost: $2600
Unlock: Liberate 17 Outposts

Weapon Type: Submachine Gun
Cost: $3275
Unlock: Collect 10 Memory Cards

Rare animal locations
Black Panther: Outpost southeast of the mansion, Path Of The Hunter.
Blood Komodo: Cliffside Overlook outpost, Path Of The Hunter.
Golden Tiger: Mosquito Yard outpost, Path Of The Hunter.
Maneater Shark: Kell’s Boat Repairs, Path Of The Hunter.
One Horn Buffalo: Camp Murder outpost, Path Of The Hunter.
Undying Bear: Cradle Gas outpost, Path Of The Hunter.
White Belly Tapir: Rust Yard outpost, Path Of The Hunter.
Yellow Neck Cassowary: AM-12 outpost, Path Of The Hunter.

Special Locations
Boat color cycle: X: 641.5, Y: 408.2 (travel to this location by boat; also does it on the ocean bottom)
Dead body cave: X: 630.2, Y: 685.0
Flying fish: X: 756.3, Y: 634.3 (travel to this location by boat)
Goldilocks and the Three Bears reference: X: 796, Y: 647 (three chests with bear claw marks)
Inside the rocks: X: 721.2, Y: 747.0 (travel to this location by jet ski from town, and ride into the crevice at this location)
Invisible water: X: 588.8, Y: 781.1 (walk near the nearby cliff to suddenly be underwater)
Large cave: X: 331.8, Y: 458.1
Moray eels: X: 814.7, Y: 612.0 (search near the bottom; they will wrap around you)
Ocean dry patch: X: 302.8, Y: 285.6 (travel to this location by boat, fall to the ocean bottom and walk around; try pushing the boat)
Outside flashlight: X: 706.5, Y: 643.5
Rock slides: X: 702.2, Y: 783.4 and X: 465.6, Y: 665.8 (jump in the rock crevices at these locations and slide upwards)
Table goat: X: 360.4, Y: 740.7
Treasure hole: X: 346.9, Y: 700.5
Underwater toilet and sick soldier: X: 807, Y: 637
Vultures: X: 377, Y: 793
Walk through wall glitch in “Mother Lode” mission: X: 684.3, Y: 731.3 (enter the mineshaft, then jump across to the piece of wood on the right wall, and walk through the wall here)
Waterfall glitch: X: 678.1, Y: 635.7 (behind the waterfall, jump through the back wall; “Cargo Dump” mission location)
X-ray glitch: X: 761.7, Y: 752.1 (in the Badtown store, jump on the counter, on the lantern, and jump across to the shelf; stand up and look around for a weird view)

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