GTA 5 Easy Infinite money glitch cheat

GTA 5 Easy Infinite money glitch cheat

Well first off it’s not really a cheat more of a glitch.
You need to have a second playable character to be able to do this glitch.

Don’t attempt to do this before you have a second character as this will not work and prevent you being able to re-spawn the money case forever.

What you need to do is locate a crashed jet on the ocean floor just off Paleto Bay (see map below, marked with X) don’t worry it’s not too deep down, you will see a flashing brief case just near the tail section of the jet head down and pick it up for $12,000 then switch to your second character then switch back, you will notice the brief case has re-spawned and your oxygen has been replenished too, rinse and repeat as many times as you want.

Please take note: to be able to return to do this again at a later date, DO NOT take the brief case on you last character switch, just leave it there and swim away so you can return at a later date.

You will also notice a few other items in the wreckage like an MP5, a medikit and even an RPG, you can perform the same glitch with these for extra ammo.




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