All Halo 4 Emblems

All Halo 4 Emblems and the requirements to unlock them can be found below


Emblem Foregrounds

Rank Progression Emblems

Recruit (Default)
Tomcat (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Triad (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Bear Claw (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Wasp (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Campfire (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Cup Of Death (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Active Rooster (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Bulltrue (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Leo (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Drone (Unlocked at rank SR4)
Atomic (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Grunt (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Dog Tags (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Yin Yang (Unlocked at rank SR19)
No Camping (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Radioactive (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Crosshairs (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Anchor (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Runes (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Cone’d (Unlocked at rank SR19)
Flaming Ninja (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Stuck (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Halt (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Black Widow (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Flaming Horns (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Wolf (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Valkyrie (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Spartan Helmet (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Pirate (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Snake (Unlocked at rank SR28)
Headshot (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Skull King (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Spartan Swords (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Horse (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Crossed Swords (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Helmet (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Jolly Roger (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Spartan League (Unlocked at rank SR36)
Rank Up (Unlocked at rank SR50)

Specialization Progression Emblems

Wetworks Emblems

Stealth (Wetworks)
Arrow on Target (Wetworks)
Killer Bee (Wetworks)

Operator Emblems

Winged (Operator)
Anchored (Operator)
Hog Tire (Operator)

Pioneer Emblems

Arrowhead (Pioneer)
Compass (Pioneer)
Missile (Pioneer)

Pathfinder Emblems

Lens (Pathfinder)
Grid (Pathfinder)
Recon Bot (Pathfinder)

Engineer Emblems

Screw (Engineer)
Wrench (Engineer)
Network (Engineer)

Rogue Emblems

Muzzled (Rogue)
Patch (Rogue)
Avian (Rogue)

Tracker Emblems

Planetary (Tracker)
The Trail (Tracker)
Celestial (Tracker)

Stalker Emblems

Foxed (Stalker)
Evil Stare (Stalker)
The Eye (Stalker)

Max Rank Emblem

Mastery (Unlocked at rank SR130)

Commendation Mastery Emblems

117 (Complate the Campaign on Legendary)
Flag (Complete Capture the Flag Mastery Commendation)
Covenant (Complete Covenant Destroyer Commendation)
Energy (Complete Covenant Loadout Mastery Commendation)
Dominated (Complete Dominion Mastery Commendation)
Infected (Complete Flood Mastery Commendation)
Promethean (Complete Forerunner Destroyer Commendation)
Ordnance (Complete Hail of Death Master Commendation)
The Hill (Complete King of the Hill Mastery Commendation)
Baller (Complete Oddball Mastery Commendation)
Hardlight (Complete Promethean Loadout Mastery Commendation)
Kingslayer (Complete Regicide Mastery Commendation)
The Slayer (Complete Slayer Mastery Commendation)
Extracted (Complete Spartan Slayer Master Commendation)
Splatter (Complete Splatter Master Commendation)
Projectile (Complete UNSC Loadout Mastery Commendation)
Vehicular (Complete Vehicle Mastery Commendation)

Waypoint Code Emblems

On Your Shield (Complete Episodes 1-3 on Legendary – Also requires Waypoint terminal code
Raider (Unlocks with Raider Armor Waypoint terminal code)
Raider Distort (Unlocks with Raider DSTT Armor Waypoint terminal code)
Wiseguy (Unlock all Campaign Terminals)
1K Club (Complete 1000 War Games, also requires Waypoint terminal code)
LASO (Complete Campaign Legendary All Skulls On also requires Waypoint code)
ONI (Requires Waypoint terminal code)

Guilty (Complete a game in War Games or Spartan Ops matchmaking on November 6th, 2013)
FlyingColors (Unlocks with the Spartan Assault Recruit Waypoint Code)



Waypoint Terminal Codes can be located here



Pre-order and Special Edition Emblems

Corbulo (Included with a Halo 4 12 Months Gold)
Prime (Included with Limited Edition Halo 4 Game)
Unicorn (Included with Halo 4 Console)
Falcon (Included with War Games Map Pass)
Bonebreaker (Pre-order bonus)
Assassin (Pre-order bonus)
Bulletproof (Pre-order bonus)
Mjolnir (Pre-order bonus)
Spartan (Pre-order bonus)

Emblem Backgrounds

Circle (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Diamond (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Plus (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Square (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Triangle (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Vertical Stripe (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Horizontal Stripe (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Cleft (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Criss Cross (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Buzz Saw (Unlocked at rank SR21)
Star (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Cowboy Hat (Unlocked at rank SR33)
4 Diamonds (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Sun (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Hexagon (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Chalice (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Cog (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Octagon (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Crown (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Cancel (Unlocked at rank SR33)
Horizontal Stripes (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Gradient (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Horizontal Gradient (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Oval (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Vertical Oval (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Blunt Diamond (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Blunt Diamond Tall (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Asterisk (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Shield (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Ball ‘o Fire (Unlocked at rank SR44)
Moving Up (Unlocked at rank SR50)

Specialization Emblem Backgrounds

Doused (Wetworks WK5)
Operated (Operator OP5)
Pie is Near (Pioneer PR5)
A* (Pathfinder PT5)
Engineered (Engineer EN5)
Going Rogue (Rogue RG5)
Stalking You (Stalker SK5)
Found You (Tracker TK5)

Pre-order and Special Edition Emblem Backgrounds

Limited (Included with Limited Edition Halo 4 Game)
Fotus (Included with Halo 4 Console)
Structure (Included with War Games Map Pass)
Vortex (Pre-order bonus Bonebreaker background)
Chevron (Pre-order bonus Assassin background)
Angles (Pre-order bonus Bulletproof background)
Panels (Pre-order bonus Spartan background)

Power (Pre-order bonus Mjolnir background)


  1. stalker background is missing

  2. Added Stalking You and Panels emblems to the list

  3. Fantastic list! Such a shame some of the best emblems never returned. Especially since most of the specialisation emblems suck!

  4. They ruined their first halo, Bungie had better emblems.

  5. I rely hope you guys find out about that “guilty” emblem because that one looks cool

  6. Hi Moonogold, we have contacted 343 industries about the guilty emblem but have received no reply yet, I’m guessing it might be a future glyph code reward, keep posted, as soon as we find out we will update the emblem listing page.

  7. The “guilty” emblem can be unlocked if you complete a War Games match or a Spartan Ops mission on November 6, 2013, the one year anniversary of Halo 4.

  8. Guilty emblem details updated, thanks.

    A little bit more info below from “B is for Bravo” from 343i

    “Next week is Halo 4’s first birthday! Over the course of the past 12 months, millions of players have played Halo 4. Whether you spent your time in Matchmaking, Forge, Theater, Campaign, Spartan Ops, or elsewhere, we’d like to say thank you for playing our game. In fact, along with thanking you, we’d also like to give you a teeny-tiny-in-game-gift. All players who complete a game in War Games or Spartan Ops matchmaking on November 6th, 2013 will earn the Guilty Spark emblem.”

    “This emblem has not yet been released in Halo 4, and we hope that you hop online with some friends to celebrate the birthday of our first game and also snag a rare emblem. After, you can rock the emblem proudly and brag to your friends about how you attended the birthday party, and they did not. We’ve got also got some Matchmaking fun in the form of a 24-hour playlist planned for this special day, so keep an eye on Halo Waypoint for all the details.”

  9. Loving the details on this website, you might have done outstanding job on the content .

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