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How to get Etheric Light

How to get Etheric Light

by Marc DuportJuly 16, 2015

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Fatebringer 365


Ok, You know what Etheric Light does, it upgrades vanilla Destiny Legendary armor and weapons including raid gear to 42 Light and 365 damage respectively.
That’s fine but how do I get it and what’s the quickest way?



This is probably the most unlikely method of receiving Etheric Light, but you can be rewarded with one at the end of the Nightfall as the completion reward.
Or if you are as unlucky as I am you will just receive 11 Strange bloody Coins each week (Damn you RNG)


Trials of Osiris

Ok, this is not for everyone unless you can kick ass in PvP.
To gurantee an Etheric Light in ToO you need to rack up wins and purchase a Silver or Gold Tier Reward Item from Brother Vance

Silver Tier Rewards (6 Wins)
1 Etheric Light
?? Motes of Light
?? Passage Coins
Random Exotic (Not Guranteed)

Gold Tier (8 Wins)
1 Etheric Light
?? Motes of Light
?? Passage Coins
Random ToO Weapon, Exile Armor or Exotic

Prison of Elders

This is the easiest and quickest way to aquire Etheric Light.
Killing the final boss on level 34 or 35 will gurantee you an Etheric Light once you enter the treasure room.
Opening any chests in the treasure can also reward Etheric Light, even the small chests.
Level 28 and 32 PoE chests can alos contain Etheric Light.
So completing level 34 and 35 with 3 characters each week will net you a minimum of 6 guranteed Etheric Light


Iron Banner

Easy but quite costly on Glimmer,
Each time Lord Saladin shows up Iron Banner is in play, reaching Rank 3 will give you the option to buy 1 Etheric Light for 5,000 Glimmer, reaching rank 5 will allow you to buy a second Etheric Light for another 5,000 Glimmer.
If you have the time to grind to Rank 5 with all 3 characters you can pick up 6 throughout the Iron Banner event at the cost of 30,000 Glimmer.

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