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New Battlefield 4 Knives For Naval Strike

New Battlefield 4 Knives For Naval Strike

by Marc DuportMarch 10, 2014

New Battlefield 4 Knives For Naval Strike.
4 new knives will become available with the release of Naval Strike, they come in the following flavors.

BF4 Tactical Knife





Tactical Knife
The recurve design of this blade extends its cutting edge and adds extra bite when slicing through objects or stealing an enemy’s dogtags.

BF4 Dive Knife





Dive Knife
Crafted to withstand the harshness of the deep sea. An indispensible tool in any diver’s kit. Use it in melee combat to steal your enemy’s dogtags.

BF4 BJ-2 Knife





BJ-2 Knife
A knife designed for the battlefields of the future. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait to get your hands on it. Use it to steal your enemy’s dogtags today!

BF4 Precision Knife





Precision Knife
Machined from a single piece of steel, this lightweight dagger is a solid choice for stealing your enemy’s dogtags.


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