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New Halo 4 Unlockable DLC Content

New Halo 4 Unlockable DLC Content

by Marc DuportJune 30, 2013

Do you want new Halo 4 Unlockable DLC Content? Who doesn’t right?

For years, McFarlane Toys’ Halo action figures have brought the characters of the Halo video game series to your toy collection. This October, they’ll start giving back, by bringing cool new customization options to Halo 4,

With Halo 4 Series 2, all of the figures will come with unique codes that unlock new, exclusive in-game content to help you stand out in Halo multiplayer. There’s a total of 3 new armor and 5 weapon skins, and each one is only available through McFarlane Toys action figures. Each figure unlocks a different item. All armor skins feature customizable colors.

Update your Spartan’s armor and loadouts with these never-before-seen patterns!

Details of what you get below:




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