HITMAN will launch on March 11th for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC.
HITMAN beta starts on February 12th through to th 14th on PS4 and February 19th through 21st on PC. (Yep, 3 whole days of Beta…… Yay)
Players can guarantee access to the beta by pre-ordering the Full Experience or the new Intro Pack.

Every pre-order will also include the ‘classic’ REQUIEM pack which includes: exclusive in-game digital items inspired by Hitman: Blood Money including:
– Requiem Legacy white suit
– Blood Money shirt
– Tie and gloves
– Silenced ICA-19 chrome
– White rubber duck explosive.


PS4 users will gain exclusive access to “The Sarajevo Six” 6 Bonus Contracts.
One of which will be released with each location and sees Agent 47 travel the world in pursuit of 6 former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA.

New HITMAN World of Assassination Trailer and Pre-Order Details