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All Saints Row 3 The Third Cheats Xbox 360 and PS3

All Saints Row 3 The Third Cheats Xbox 360 and PS3

by Marc DuportApril 7, 2014

 All Saints Row 3 The Third Cheats Xbox 360 and PS3

Player Ability 
cheeseMoney ($100,000)
goldengunGolden Gun (one-hit kills)
runfastInfinite sprint
vroomNo vehicle damage
repaircarRepair car
whatitmeanstomeAdd respect
pissoffpigsAdd police notoriety
goodygoodyNo police notoriety
lolzAdd gang notoriety
oopsNo gang notoriety
Vehicle Codes 
giveembulanceSpawn Ambulance
giveanchorSpawn Anchor
giveattrazioneSpawn Attrazione
givebootleggerSpawn Bootlegger
givechallengerSpawn Challenger
givecommanderSpawn Commander
givecondorSpawn Condor
giveeagleSpawn Eagle
giveestradaSpawn Estrada
givevtolSpawn F69 Vtol
givegatmobileSpawn Gatmobile
givekanadaSpawn Kanada
givekenshinSpawn Kenshin
giveknoxvilleSpawn Knoxville
givekrukovSpawn Krukov
givemiamiSpawn Miami
givemunicipalSpawn Municipal
givenforcerSpawn Nforcer
givepeacemakerSpawn Peacemaker
givephoenixSpawn Phoenix
givequasarSpawn Quasar
givereaperSpawn Reaper
givesandstormSpawn Sandstorm
givesharkSpawn Shark
givespecterSpawn Specter
givesquasarSpawn Squasar
givestatusquoSpawn Status Quo
givetaxiSpawn Taxi
givetitanSpawn Titan
givetoadSpawn Toad
givetornadoSpawn Tornado
givevortexSpawn Vortex
givevtolSpawn VTOL
givevultureSpawn Vulture
givewidowmakerSpawn Widowmaker
givewoodpeckerSpawn Woodpecker
Weapon Codes 
givesheperdSpawn 45 Sheperd
giveapocaSpawn Apocafists
givear55Spawn AR 55
giveultimaxSpawn AS3 Ultimax
givebaseballSpawn Baseball Bat
givechainsawSpawn Chainsaw
givecybersmgSpawn Cyber Blaster
givecyberSpawn Cyber Buster
giveblossomSpawn D4TH Blossom
giveelectricSpawn Electric Grenade
giveflamethrowerSpawn Flamethrower
giveflashbangSpawn Flash Bang
givediggerSpawn Grave Digger
givegrenadeSpawn Grenade
givekrukovSpawn K-8 Krukov
givekobraSpawn KA-1 Kobra
givelauncherSpawn M2 Grenade Launcher
givesniperSpawn McManus 2015
giveminigunSpawn Mini Gun
givemolotovSpawn Molotov
giveswordSpawn Nocturne
givecgunSpawn RC Possesor
givedroneSpawn Reaper Drone
giveshieldSpawn Riot Shield
giverpgSpawn RPG Launcher
givehammerSpawn S3X Hammer
giveairstrikeSpawn SA-3 Airstrike
givesatchelSpawn Satchel Charge
giverocketSpawn Shock Hammer
givesonicSpawn Sonic Boom
givestungunSpawn Stun Gun
givetekSpawn TEK Z-10
givedildoSpawn The Penetrator
giveslm8Spawn Viper Laser Rifle
Weather Codes 
clearskiesSunny weather
overcastCloudy weather
lightrainRainy weather
heavyrainVery rainy weather
World Codes 
ticktockAdvance time
notratedBloody Mess
fryholeHeaven Bound (corpses rise into the air)
isquishyouVehicle Smash
duiDrunk (drunk pedestrians)
mascotMascots (mascot pedestrians)
hohohoPimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians)
brainsZombies (zombie pedestrians)


Bonus Outfits
Cops/SWAT: Successfully complete all Snatch activities for Kinzie.
Deckers: Successfully complete the Assassination (Mission 37) from Kinzie that requires you to wear one.
Hos: Successfully complete all Snatch activities for Zimos.
Luchadores: Successfully complete Mission 43.
Mascots: Successfully complete all of Professor Genki’s S. E . R . C . Activities.
Morningstar: Successfully complete Mission 29.
National Guard: Successfully complete all Tank Mayhem activities.
Space Saints: Successfully complete Mission 47.
Strippers: Successfully complete all Escort activities for Zimos. Wrestlers: Successfully complete Tiger Escort activities.


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Marc Duport
  • June 2, 2017 at 5:02 am

    Then, enter the character abilities screen to buy all the fall, fire, bullet, explosion, and vehicle strike damage reduction options until it reaches "Never take damage".


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    ___123___All Saints Row 3 The Third Cheats Xbox 360 and PS3 – GamingAnimal___123___

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