Titanfall Rank Unlocks and Details

Titanfall Loadout


All 50 Titanfall Rank Unlocks and Details below

To unlock the Stryder chassis for use in multiplayer you must complete the IMC or Militia campaign
To unlock the Orge chassis for use in multiplayer you must complete both campaigns.

Level Unlocks

Level 1: 2 preset pilot and Titan loadouts.

Level 2: CQB Pilot Loadout

Level 3: Artillery Titan Loadout

Level 4: Challenges

Level 5: 3 custom pilot loadouts plus:
Weapons: R-101C Carbine, EVA-8 Shotgun, Smart Pistol Mk5
Anti-Titan Weapons: Archer Heavy Rocket, Sidewinder; the following sidearms: RE-45 Autopistol, Hammond P2011;
Odinance: Frag Grenade
Tactical Abilities: Cloak, Enhanced Parkour Kit, Explosives Pack
Tier 1 Kit: Power Cell
Tier 2 Kit: Dome-Shield Battery, Minion Detector

Level 6: R-97 Compact SMG

Level 7: Arc Grenade, Burn Card Slot.

Level 8: Stim

Level 9: Longbow-DMR Sniper, Burn Card Slot

Level 10: 3 Custom Titan Loadouts plus:
Weapons: 40mm Cannon, Quad Rocket, XO-16 Chaingun
Tactical Ability: Vortex Shield 
Ordinance: Rocket Salvo 
Tier 1 Kit: Nuclear Ejection
Tier 2 Kit: Auto-Eject, Survivor.

Level 11: Slaved Warheads, Burn Card Slot

Level 12: Plasma Railgun

Level 13: Electric Smoke

Level 14: Fast Autoloader

Level 15: Custom Pilot Loadout

Level 16: Warpfall Transmitter

Level 17: Satchel Charge

Level 18: G2A4 Rifle

Level 19: Active Radar Pulse

Level 20: Custom Titan Loadout

Level 21: Arc Cannon

Level 22: Mag Launcher

Level 23: Core Extender

Level 24: Cluster Missile

Level 25: No Unlock

Level 26: Particle Wall

Level 27: B3 Wingman

Level 28: Triple Threat

Level 29: Hemlok BF-R

Level 30: Custom Pilot Loadout

Level 31: Arc Mine

Level 32: Multi-Target Missile System

Level 33: Charge Rifle

Level 34: C.A.R. SMG

Level 35: Custom Titan Loadout

Level 36: Run N Gun Kit

Level 37: Dead Man’s Trigger

Level 38: Dash Quickcharger

Level 39: Spitfire LMG

Level 40: No Unlock

Level 41: Big Punch

Level 42: Quick Reload Kit

Level 43: The ‘Icepick’

Level 44: Kraber-AP Sniper

Level 45: No Unlock

Level 46: Tactical Reactor

Level 47: Core Accelerator

Level 48: Stealth Kit

Level 49: Guardian Chip

Level 50: Re- Generation

Titanfall Regeneration


To regenerate, you must reach level 50 and complete all required challenges that appear. You will then be able to select the “Regenerate” option at the menu. there are 10 generation levels total. All players start out at Generation 1 and can regenerate a further 9 times.

“Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you…at a cost. Your body can be restored. But your memory and your experience…all will be lost. These you will have to earn all over again in battle. When you awaken, you will respawn as a 2nd generation pilot. You will be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before. Would you like to go to the Next Gen?”

“Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to Level 1. All challenges will be reset. However, you will earn XP at an accelerated rate of [Increase Here] as a [Gen Here] Gen Pilot, and you will retain your Burn Card collection. You will get a unique chip indicating to others your gen status.”

Generation 2 Chip





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