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Unlock All Far Cry 4 Signature Weapons

Unlock All Far Cry 4 Signature Weapons

by Marc DuportNovember 27, 2014


Unlock All Far Cry 4 Signature Weapons

Below is the list of all the Signature Weapons and the requirements to unlock them.

87 (Custom 1887 Shotgun): Find 4 Mohan Ghale Journals

AMR (Custom Z93 Sniper Rifle): Capture 23 Royal Army Outposts

Bull (Custom M133 Shotgun): Finish 2 Bomb Defusal side-quests

Bushman (Custom P416 Assault Rifle): Unlock Shanath Arena Rank 10

Buzzsaw (Custom Launcher): Complete all 17 Bell Towers

Cannon (Custom .44 Magnum): Finish 5 Hostage Rescue side-quests

Elephant Rifle (Custom .700 Nitro Rifle): Pre-Order Bonus / Season Pass Unlock

HS77 (Custom M7-12 Pistol): Finish 2 Hunting: Control side-quests

Predator (Custom M-700 Sniper Rifle): Finish 4 Convoy Armed Escort side-quests

Rebel (Custom A99 SMG): Capture 10 Royal Army Outposts

Ripper (Custom M249 SAW Light-Machine Gun): Capture all 4 Fortresses

Shredder (Custom Vector .45 ACP SMG): Unlock Karma Level 6

Sixer (Custom Mark IV Pistol):  Always available in the store.

Stinger (Custom Skorpion SMG): Destroy 2 Pagan Wrath convoys

Stormer (Custom MP34 SMG): Tear down 1 Propaganda Poster

Trooper (Custom MS16 Assault Rifle): Find 20 Mask of Yalung collectibles

Warrior (Custom AK-47 Assault Rifle): Capture 2 Royal Cargo convoy trucks

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