XCOM 2 Console Commands and Item IDs

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XCOM 2 Console Commands and Item IDs.

To be able to use the below commands/cheats you must first enable the console, to do this follow the below instructions:

– Right Click the Game icon and Select Properties
– Click on the [Set Launch Options] Tab
– Type [-allowconsole] in the textbox
– Click [OK] and Start the Game
– When the game is running Press [^] or [~] or [@] or [2] key to bring up the Console screen
– Input the below codes and hit [Enter] to activate.

List of XCOM 2 Console Commands and Item IDs below.

Important: In order to increase an item with GiveResource code you must have at least one of that item on hand to do so.
Take Note: ?? = Number you need to Enter (For example: GiveResource AlienAlloy 1000)

Please also be aware that I have not yet tested all codes, so do so at your own risk.

PowerUp – Makes All units invincible + Unlimited ammo + No reload (God Mode)
PsiLevel (?) – (?= 0, 1 or 2)
SetStratagyFacilitiesSuperSpree [ON/OFF] – build all facilities from the start, free, insta build
SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll [ON/OFF] – allow player to build all facilities
SetStratagyFacilitiesFree [ON/OFF] – makes facility builds free
SetStratagyFacilitiesInstantBuild [ON/OFF] – instant facility build
TakeNoDamage – Makes All units invincible
ToggleGodMode – Makes All units invincible + Unlimited ammo + No Reload +Super accuracy
WhoseTurnIsItAnyway – Super Movement

AddItem AimUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem CritUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem ReloadUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem FreeKillUpgrade_Sup ??
AddItem EpicPCSSpeed ??
AddItem EpicPCSConditioning ??
AddItem EpicPCSFocus ??
AddItem EpicPCSPerception ??
AddItem EpicPCSAgility ??
LevelUpBarracks ?? (??= equals number of level ups)
RemoveFortressDoom DoomToRemove 1

GiveCash ??
GiveFacility EleriumGenerator
GiveFacility Foundry
GiveFacility OTS
GiveFacility PsiLabs

GiveItem AlienAlloys ??
GiveItem AlienGrenade ??
GiveItem AlloyCannon ??
GiveItem ArcThrower ??
GiveItem ArcThrower ??
GiveItem ArmorArchangel ??
GiveItem ArmorCarapace ??
GiveItem ArmorGhost ??
GiveItem ArmorPsi ??
GiveItem ArmorSkeleton ??
GiveItem ArmorSkeleton ??
GiveItem ArmorTitan ??
GiveItem BerserkerCorpse ??
GiveItem BlasterLauncher ??
GiveItem ChitinPlating ??
GiveItem CombatStims ??
GiveItem CryssalidCorpse ??
GiveItem CyberdiscCorpse ??
GiveItem DroneCorpse ??
GiveItem Elerium115 ??
GiveItem EtherealCorpse ??
GiveItem FlashBang ??
GiveItem FloaterCorpse ??
GiveItem FloaterHeavyCorpse ??
GiveItem GasGrenade ??
GiveItem GhostGrenade ??
GiveItem HeavyLaser ??
GiveItem HeavyPlasma ??
GiveItem LaserAssaultGun ??
GiveItem LaserAssaultRifle ??
GiveItem LaserPistol ??
GiveItem LaserSniperRifle ??
GiveItem MecArmor3_Flamethrower_Grenade_ProximityMine ??
GiveItem MecElectroPulse ??
GiveItem MecFlameThrower ??
GiveItem MecGrenadeLauncher ??
GiveItem MecKineticArm ??
GiveItem MecProximityMineLauncher ??
GiveItem MecRestorativeMist ??
GiveItem Medikit ??
GiveItem MutonCorpse ??
GiveItem MutonEliteCorpse ??
GiveItem NeedleGrenade ??
GiveItem ParticleBeam ??
GiveItem PlasmaAssaultRifle ??
GiveItem PlasmaPistol ??
GiveItem PlasmaSniperRifle ??
GiveItem SectoidCommanderCorpse ??
GiveItem SectoidCorpse ??
GiveItem SectopodCorpse ??
GiveItem SHIV_Hover ??
GiveItem SHIVDeck_III ??
GiveItem SHIVPlasma ??
GiveItem TargetingModule ??
GiveItem ThinManCorpse ??
GiveItem WeaponFragment ??

GiveResource Aimupgrade_bsc
GiveResource Aimupgrade_adv
GiveResource Aimupgrade_sup
GiveResource ClipSizeUpgrade_adv ??
GiveResource Eleriumcore
GiveResource Engineers ??
GiveResource Scientists ??
GiveResource AlienAlloy ??
GiveResource CorpseAdventOfficer ??
GiveResource CorpseAdventShieldbearer ??
GiveResource CorpseAdventStunLancer ??
GiveResource CorpseAdventTrooper ??
GiveResource CorpseArchon ??
GiveResource CorpseBerserker ??
GiveResource CorpseFaceless ??
GiveResource CorpseSectoid ??
GiveResource CorpseViper ??
GiveResource EleriumCore ??
GiveResource EleriumDust ??
GiveResource Intel ??
GiveResource supplies ??

GiveTech AlienMaterials
GiveTech Alloy_Cannon
GiveTech ArcThrower
GiveTech Armor_ArchAngel
GiveTech Armor_Carapace
GiveTech Armor_Ghost
GiveTech Armor_Skeleton
GiveTech Armor_Titan
GiveTech AutopsyBerserker
GiveTech AutopsyCryssalid
GiveTech AutopsyCyberdisc
GiveTech AutopsyDrone
GiveTech AutopsyEthereal
GiveTech AutopsyFloater
GiveTech AutopsyHeavyFloater
GiveTech AutopsyMechtoid
GiveTech AutopsyMuton
GiveTech AutopsyMutonElite
GiveTech AutopsySectoid
GiveTech AutopsySectopod
GiveTech AutopsySeeker
GiveTech AutopsyThinMan
GiveTech AutopsyZombie
GiveTech BlasterLauncher
GiveTech Elerium
GiveTech Exp_Warfare
GiveTech HeavyLasers
GiveTech HeavyLasers
GiveTech InterrogateBerserker
GiveTech InterrogateEthereal
GiveTech InterrogateFloater
GiveTech InterrogateFloater
GiveTech InterrogateHeavyFloater
GiveTech InterrogateMuton
GiveTech InterrogateMutonElite
GiveTech InterrogateSectoid
GiveTech InterrogateSectoidCommander
GiveTech InterrogateThinMan
GiveTech Laserweapons
GiveTech Plasma_Heavy
GiveTech Plasma_Pistol
GiveTech Plasma_Rifle
GiveTech Plasma_Sniper
GiveTech PrecisionLasers
GiveTech PsiArmor
GiveTech PsiLabs
GiveTech WeaponFragments
GiveTech Xenobiology

ExaltGiveNextClue (Multiple time use)
SetMonth 6